How to put an old Xbox 360 HDD into Xbox 360 S

David Hinkle: "We're no good with screwdrivers -- OK, well, some of us are -- so we'd probably never attempt to mod our shiny new 4GB Xbox 360 S by fitting an old hard drive in it. If you're braver than us (very likely), feel free to check out the step-by-step guide past the break, which pulls back the curtain on the magical process of techno-wizardy fueling this hybrid of form and frugality."

"Of course, it goes without saying that this will totally void your warranty, but we thought we'd say it anyway."

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8800gtx2763d ago

"it goes without saying that this will totally void your warranty"

Lets hope it doesnt result in a ban lol.


Playerz82762d ago

Next Up "How to do something stupid"

darthv722762d ago

I just a have a feeling someone like datel will make an empty drive enclosure similar to what MS has with the official 360s drives. That way you can put an official hdd from any model in and it will work because it is still an official drive.

Queasy2762d ago

It shouldn't void your warranty at all. You are using a MS approved hard drive and you are not doing anything to the case of the new console. You are using the existing hard drive bay.

The only real danger comes from potentially flexing the SATA connector if you lay the console horizontally.

Bigpappy2762d ago

If your are using the drive from a previous xbox, thie is actually great to know that you don't need to open the 360 to add your old drive to the 4Gig. 4Gigs will now see a big boost in sales.

siyrobbo2762d ago (Edited 2762d ago )

you could even buy a wd 250g update the firmware and pop it straight in, much cheaper if you can get hold of the right drive

Still sucks you cant just use any drive

darthv722762d ago (Edited 2762d ago )

the internal connector is your standard SATA one, I am betting it wont be long till a third party co makes a compatible enclosure that you can use with any "official" 360 hdd. This includes the 20, 60, 120 and 250.

No ban can happen seeing as it is still the original 360 hdd format. There is no sensor on opening the 360 hdd enclosure to alert MS of any tampering. I can see this as a way to take the old hdd from a RROD 360 and use it in a new 360s 4gb unit.

edit: this guy in the vid is funny. using a hammer to break open the old hdd case. he could have used a torx driver to remove the screws. That way...if ever there was a chance to use the drive on an older 360 again he would have the external enclosure to put it back in.

Also, if you want to regain space on the hdd you can move content to the internal storage then format and move bac

MGRogue20172762d ago (Edited 2762d ago )

... Some people are lazy though.. like, Really lazy.. So lazy that using something as simple as a screwdriver is considered too much work.

So I think buying the 250GB Slim would be best, less of a hassle. ;)

DaThreats2762d ago

Falling for their marketing rip-pff stragedy
Get the 4G Slim or 4g Slim Kinect Bundle, use this technique and you will save money!

LordGamer2762d ago

That sometime down the road they will be releasing a larger hard drive for the 4gig 360?

darthv722762d ago

the 250gb is available for $129 i think.

I am more interested in home made drive enclosure that will fit in the drive bay to make the original drives fit without issue.

This little vid just proves there will be a few different ones coming out soon from the likes of Datel and other companies.

BX812762d ago

I wanna punch this guy if he says middle one more time! Good vid though!

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