Review: 'Mafia II,' 'Kane & Lynch 2' Get Busted

Crime doesn't pay in underworld action games 'Mafia II,' 'Kane & Lynch 2'

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comp_ali2826d ago

way too short and yet 2 reviews in 1, people are lazy these days.

MisterNiwa2826d ago

These games deserve better than that, especially Mafia 2, it is a fantastic game. A Tad too short but fantastic.

comp_ali2826d ago

Agree with you , the problem is when game like this comes out , first thing people say it is a gta clone. that's why it get low scores.
while in fact Mafia I has done many things in 2002 that GTA borrowed in san andreas like driveby shooting for example

il-mouzer2826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

2 reviews in 1? oh lol

people expect Mafia to be a GTA clone, it's not. The original game was given low scores because of the same things.

teedogg802826d ago

I have both of these games and they both are awesome.

DlocDaBudSmoka2826d ago

get a score of zero. the lowest score ive seen was in gamepro, back when they did the .5 scoring scale. i dont remember which game it was but it got a .5

rdgneoz32826d ago

The original Kane and Lynch?

2826d ago
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