Hands on with the Beautiful Katamari demo (Xbox 360)

"It has been known for a while that Beautiful Katamari is coming to the Xbox 360, and eager gamers woke up this morning to find a nice surprise: a playable demo. This is one of the few demos lately that comes in at under 1GB-in fact, at 432MB, it's downright tiny. I gave the demo a download and played it. Yup, that's Katamari all right."

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sticky doja3937d ago

We are gettin like 2 to 3 demo's a week lately.

Tempo3937d ago

wanna see what all the rave was about on the previous iterations.

jinn3937d ago

i have been waiting for this for a long time.

Cat3919d ago

maybe some of the katamari devotees can help me out with this one. i played the demo and pretty much hated it - the controls, everything. was this demo typical of the game?