IncGamers: Dead Rising 2 Hands-On Preview

IncGamers' James Chalmers takes to the glitzy gambling town of Fortune City as he finds as many different ways to dismember zombies in Dead Rising 2.

From the preview:

"Combo weapons are introduced to Dead Rising 2 with devastating affect. Levelling up Chuck by killing zombies, rescuing survivors and completing missions will reward you with special weapon cards. These cards allow Chuck to combine numerous weapons together to create these special super-duper zombie killing weapons...I think I hyped that up a little too much."

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Dorjan2801d ago

Saved fixed? oh, I guess not...

Maticus2801d ago

If I could just enjoy zombies more.

ppazuzu2801d ago

I've always wondered whether that bright yellow jacket is really the wisest zombie-battling attire