PS3 & Wii lead over 360 at Amazon even after price-cut

Nintendo Co.'s Wii and Sony Corp.'s Playstation 3 led over Microsoft Corp.'s Xbox 360 on Tues. in the latest retail sales data at
Wii on Tues. ranked as the No. 2 best-selling product at's Computer & Video Games division. It held the No. 1 position for a short period following a weekend restock.


This story was originally submitted by xbox360jimmy07 but sadly because of large number of wrong and incorrect reports he was forced to delete it. So credit for this story goes to him as well as my thanks.

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FordGTGuy4060d ago (Edited 4060d ago )

because i'm sure if you were to take the Elite sales and combine with the Premium it would be up there.

I didn't say add different platforms together you dumbasses. I said add the SKUs of the same platform. IE Xbox 360 Core + Xbox 360 Premium + Xbox 360 Elite = Xbox 360 Sales. PS3 60GB + 80GB = PS3 Sales. Wii Sales.

Tackle9904060d ago (Edited 4060d ago )

Exactly, i don't know how people don't get it....

MK_Red4060d ago

Different SKUs are considered different items. If not, then PS3 80Gb, 60Gb and 20Gb sales should also be combined.

"Microsoft last week price cut all Xbox 360 models from $20 to $50. Sony in July price cut the 60GB SKU and announced an $599 80GB SKU which debuted this month." Each SKU is different. Just like the sales of DS Lite and Fat.

Kyur4ThePain4060d ago

add the sales for all MS' consoles to get the real number?
Does that mean we have to add PSP, PS2 and PS3 to get Sony's real number?

ericnellie4060d ago (Edited 4060d ago )

The PSP and PS2 are totally different systems! You don't need to trash talk because you don't understand what's going on. Numbers are numbers and if xbots added the numbers, they would come out differently and if Sony fanboys did the same calculations, I'm sure they'd come out with different numbers as well. That's why I take all these "online order" numbers with a grain of salt and spend more time playing my PSWii60 games instead of over analyzing stupid numbers;);)

JsonHenry4060d ago

The only console that needs to sell to catch up is the PS3. So who cares? Everyone that just HAS to have a 360 already owns one.

The real test - Holiday 2007 sales.

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MK_Red4060d ago

Wow, less than a week ago top ten was filled with Xbox 360's (Elite or not) and Halo 3s. How could 360 leave the top 10 so fast? Specially after price-cut (US, Australia and others).

Xbox 360 Will4060d ago

With the PS3 price drop and the upcoming releases. Xbox 360 reign is coming to an end. The Wii has already taken it over and next will be the PS3. The curse of the 360 being released so early is that pretty much everyone that wants one has already bought it for the release of Halo 3. When Halo 3 releases we'll see one more little sales spike but after that its over.

gamehendge4060d ago

The Nintendo and Playstation brands own the overall gaming market. MS is a distant third.

genericname4060d ago

hahaha, i love the disagrees. Add up the Wii and DS sales, then add the PS2, PSP, PS3 sales. MS isn't even close, they will always be third. I can see why MS would want to try and enter the portable market.

_insane_cobra4060d ago

"hahaha, i love the disagrees. Add up the Wii and DS sales, then add the PS2, PSP, PS3 sales."

Well, if we're going to look at it that way, then also add Windows game sales and Windows Mobile game sales (Pocket PCs, mobile phones) to Xbox 360 numbers.

Xeoset4060d ago

Id love to see how they got these numbers because it seems they're going by the popular brand chart, which isn't fukcing sales!

pilotpistolpete4060d ago

So yes, it reflects sales and not popularity. That being said, amazon is not the only seller, so the list really doesn't mean much. But sony fanboys like to post these things to make them feel better.

junk564060d ago

even with a huge price drop nobody is going to buy a 360. with all the bad press thats been going around, everybody is afraid to get one because they have a huge chance of getting a faulty machine. Until MS fixes the problem, the sales will be much lower around the world than nintendo and sony.

sony + nintendo = world market
microsoft = american market

nuff said