Nintendo dominates UK games chart

Nintendo continues to dominate the UK video game chart, relecting its resurgence in the industry.
Eight of the top 10 selling games of the last week are exclusive titles for Nintendo's Wii or DS handheld console.The other two titles are multi-format games, which can also be played on Nintendo's machines.

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razer4055d ago

The Wii is a console for men who like to pee sitting down..

Keep this on the ladies side of the site.

ChickeyCantor4055d ago (Edited 4055d ago )

yes u are right!
[-_- mind the evil sarcasm that is hidden in these 4 words-_-]

i pretty much laughed because since when does a console define what kind of man you are?
are game nerds really that insecure?

djt234055d ago

*nintendo world domination*

Rooftrellen4055d ago

In America, consoles are designed to get out of the world and dominate your living room.

In Japan, consoles are designed to get out of your living room and dominate the world.

Yes, my jokes are bad, but I couldn't resist.