New Dragon Quest IV Scan

A sweet new scan of Square Enix's Dragon Quest IV remake for DS has surfaced, revealing characters, screen comparisons and a whole load of sweet nuggets of information.

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PS360WII3603d ago

hey hey that's looking pretty good. Will defiantly be worthwhile to get among the other DQ games they'll be re-releasing

ItsDubC3602d ago

Ya, aren't there like 6 DQ games slated for release on the DS? Ridiculous. This one definitely seems to be coming along nicely.

djt233602d ago

i cant wait for the game and screenshot look really good

Iceman100x3602d ago

It's over when this game gets released.....forget about it AAA all the way.

bym051d3602d ago

I can't wait. I missed so many of the old Dragon Warrior (Quest) games due to their high price tag.