Xbox 360 title Bioshock in top 10 after demo debut

2K Games' action title Bioshock for Microsoft Corp.'s Xbox 360 on Tues. reached the top 10 best-selling products at following the debut of a first level demo this week on Xbox Live.

Bioshock on Tues. ranked as the No. 8 best-selling product at's Computer & Video Games division, holding a 112 percent increase in sales within a 24-hour period.

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MK_Red3992d ago

Superb news. To see a new IP up there is good, to see a great GOTY worthy new IP there is even better and for a crazy BioShock fan like me, its uber cool.


No surprize after playing the demo. The graphics are unreal, the controls are tight, the story looks amazing. Bioshock is AAA material & a heavy contender for GOTY.

FreeMonk3992d ago (Edited 3992d ago )

Truely amazing game! Superb graphics, excellent Sound, perfect music and an atmosphere that really draws you into the game.

Plus, the replayable factor is going great as well, which the number of ways to go about playing the game, especially with the Kill/Don't Kill factor with the little sisters and big daddys.

With a 1.3gb download for a very very small fraction of the game included, this just proves that you don't need a 20gb Blu-Ray disk to play truely amazing next-gen titles like Bioshock!!

Plus, for an extra few pennies you can get the special edition with the Big Daddy figurine inside!

daghost11253992d ago

after playing the demo went out and reserved mine yesterday not doubt jealous sony fanboys will try and find something wrong with game

jcgamer3992d ago

this is a must own, for real...

Double-Edged3992d ago

this is the game....
BioShock Pwns!

Wile3992d ago

After playing the demo, this is a day one purchase for me.

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The story is too old to be commented.