WiiFit: A Hardcore Gamer's Impressions & New Video

CVG Preview: Impressions from a hardcore gamer:

"Nintendo is surely printing money with Wii Fit. It's going to sell shed loads, and it's a very clever move by the company that's managed to expand the games market by appealing to the lucrative mainstream crowd with similarly quirky titles on Wii and DS.

Following a fairly hefty session on the new Balance Board at Nintendo's lush office, we're certain this is going to be the next Wii Sports - a fantastic party game and one that will have everyone jumping in for a go."

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MK_Red4060d ago

The WiiFit alone is nothing more than a scale and piece of junk IMO and unless I see it used in a proper game like Skate boarding or somethings, the Balance Board is Nintendo's WPS or Ugly Useless Pricey Scale for me.

razer4060d ago

Just what the Wii needs.. another party game..

This was a "hardcore" gamers perspective? Oh yes, exercise the hardcore gamers passion. ugh!

Vip3r4060d ago

Can't people just go out for a run instead?

MK_Red4060d ago

Agreed. You can go to the nearest park and do all the exercise with fresh air and you don't need to put your hands on a scale in front of TV to do push-ups.

ItsDubC4060d ago

This is true but alternatively, ppl can also just go outside to play sports but many prefer to play sports games instead. I'll admit the example is a little bit different w/ respect to WiiFit because it is touted as a game designed specifically to improve one's fitness level, but just as playing football outside w/ your friends may not be as fun as playing as a star NFL player in a game sometimes, WiiFit is a game designed to make working out fun. Running isn't exactly what I would call fun, but WiiFit doesn't appeal to me as being fun quite just yet either.

4060d ago
Salvadore4060d ago

People will find lazy ways to play the game, Like that dude who sat on his bum and played the game.

calderra4060d ago

One time I'm glad a game isn't on 360.
I can just see the massive resell market of people looking to get easy gamerpoint by setting the board on their lap and using their hands to rack up massive scores. Heh.

Rute4060d ago

I think this could turn out well if there's Wiimote controlled Tai Chi, fitness etc. with proper instructions, excercise information and feedback to the user. You know, some people actually pay large amounts of cash to waggle and sweat with a fitness instructor, despite a lot of the feedback is based on easily quantifiable things, thus making this sort of a simulator possible to make.

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