First screens from PSP's Aliens/Predator game

CVG reported last week that a new Aliens/Predator game was heading to PSP, and now they have first screenshots to entertain your eyeballs.

In development at Rebellion - no stranger to the Aliens/Predator license having delivered the excellent Aliens vs. Predator PC FPS - the third-person action-adventure's based on a new Aliens/Predator movie.

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bym051d4059d ago

Hope it's good. I wish they'd just do an update on the Jaguar version.

MK_Red4059d ago

A new AVP game is always great news for me and the screens look cool but I hope they announce AVP3 for PS3,360 and PC soon.

id dot entity4059d ago

Wow this looks really cool.

djt234059d ago

it look ok but too late