Modern Warfare 2 Player Attempting To Reach Level 70 Without Killing Anyone

This feat may sound impossible, but for Game Informer reader and hardcore Modern Warfare 2 player Glen McCracken, it's only a matter of time. In two hours of playing, Glen has reached rank 5 without taking a life. Using pacifist means to earn points, Glen estimates it will take him roughly two months to be the first player to reach rank 70 with zero kills.

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FanOfGaming2826d ago

lmao what a joke, even that is impossible because, in a sense, you don't have to do much to get a kill, simply walking around and deflecting a grenade can cause someone to die.

DasBunker2826d ago

this would be more doable in BC2.. where you actually get points to do your job as medic, engineer etc..

AtatakaiSamurai2826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

come on, this was already done mw1 by many people. i did it easy --> martydom, sonic boom, pwn. you soon really get good at finding a "cluster" and running right into it lol

why do you think this game is so popular? cause it makes gamers who are normally really good at shooter feel UBER! you don't have to shoot a single shot to get kills so when you do shoot and kill you get rewards for every single bullet that comes out your gun it seems lol

hell, even knife kills are auto aim but make people feel like they actually legitly are insanely awesome with their knife. i mean autoaim for even knife kills? isn't that just overboard?

Parapraxis2826d ago

I think that's the point Das...the fact that the game isn't intended to be played this way is why it's a challenge.

IHateYouFanboys2826d ago


ummm martyrdom kills people.....the whole point of NOT killing people is to, well, NOT kill people. using martyrdom is the opposite of that.

good luck to him i suppose. its certainly 100% possible, itll just take a long time and wouldnt be very fun.

Blaine2826d ago

"martydom, sonic boom, pwn. you soon really get good at finding a 'cluster' and running right into it lol"

Wow, you're so skilled... And people wonder why I say MW is for noobs...

goflyakite2825d ago

Honestly you can get so many points in a game like HQ and Domination without doing anything. It probably won't be that hard to do. That said it probably will be very boring.

-SIXAXIS-2825d ago

But by shooting air support, isn't he technically killing the NPCs driving the aircrafts?

CrazedFiend2825d ago

Read the title. Now read your comment. Now, read the title. Now, read your comment.

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Motorola2826d ago

riot shield boosting, capturing points in domination only... thats all the methods i can think of

xHarvey2826d ago

Planting bombs on search and destroy and sabotage,capturing the flag,capturing the hq,destroying air support,completing challenges that don't involve killing. That's all I can think of right now but there might be more.

hassi942825d ago

Can't risk planting bombs, only defusing, as planting may kill somebody.

Sarcasm2826d ago

Why would anyone bother with it?

It's like

"I'm going to beat Gran Turismo 5 competely but without racing other cars."


Weaksauce11382826d ago

I think beating the game while in reverse is a better analogy.

Soldierone2825d ago

@Weaksauce. Totally trying that in a rookie race when the game comes out lol.

belowradar2825d ago

You sir,get a bubble for the funny

gman_moose2825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

If he sticks to S&D planting bombs, HQ capturing the HQ, and Domination, he can rank up quick. Although, he'd have some pissed off teammates in S&D if he just stands there and lets someone defuse the bomb because he can't kill them lol.

DeFFeR2824d ago

No bomb plants - they kill people.

Defusing only.

Riot Shield, Flag caps, HQ capture etc... no violence

JsonHenry2825d ago

Some people have more time than sense I guess.

Static-X2825d ago

Mister_No_Kills it doesn't exist -_-

LtSkittles2825d ago

they changed it Mr_No_Kills, but Idk if that one exists

r1sh122825d ago

MW2 rewards noob tactics.
Ive killed people by keeping a riot shield out and use the richochet system and gotten kills.
I dont understand why people are still talking about this stupid nooby game.
Its sucks, IW sold out

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Terarmzar2826d ago

Only thing i did was only knife people in which i made an account for that called Knife-N-Runner. but it got old pretty quick

RockmanII72826d ago

UMP45 with silencer
some pistol with tactical knife

That's the way to go. Who cares if someone is upset by the way you killed them, I doubt anyone is happy when they die.

ScoobyDrew2826d ago

ninja is WAY more useful in that setup... at least for me.
plus it takes more skill

renegade2825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

I say f*ck mw2 im playing bad company 2.

Rybakov2826d ago

that is what you call no life

and it screams it as soon as you read call of duty cause call of duty fails on all levels of life

Psycho_Mantis2826d ago

Wow, can you say "NO LIFE?"

UnSelf2826d ago

hes a gamer, he has plenty of lives

jbird453452826d ago

Lmao. That is a great line.

Ninja-Sama2826d ago

Beautiful. Bubbles for you Bubbles lol.

KRUSSIDULL2825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

There is a Facebook group with the name: "Get a life? Im a gamer I have many lifes"

DreamcastFanboy2826d ago

This guy is one hell of a pacifist.