Capcom: Expect The Minimum Online Modes For Marvel vs Capcom 3 "Despite their fighting games thriving on adversarial play, online modes at launch is an area that Capcom have so far neglected.

Both Street Fighter IV and Super Street Fighter IV hit retail with only the very basic online features.

Unfortunately, that trend looks to continue with Marvel vs Capcom 3, according to Capcom "special advisor" and Community Manager Seth Killian."

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Hardedge2765d ago

As long as they continue with their community support, I'd say that's more than enough.

erathaol2765d ago

As long as they have a smooth netcode too.

weazel2765d ago

Knowing Capcom, expect to pay though the nose for DLC in a million parts.

bradlinho2765d ago

Oh dear. The "Hinting at behind-the-scenes frustrations" bit is interesting.

josh143992765d ago

as long as there isn't any lag while playing online i will be happy. i cant expect there to be zero lag but they should at least make it as good as ssf4 which hardly has any lag at least for me.

ZombieAutopsy2765d ago

They will be charging us for Online add-ons.

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The story is too old to be commented.