XBL Ver 50 (50 is the new 20) w/ Penny Arcade Interview

Tech News:
-The 360 and the Wii get updates. One is noticeable the other got noticed!
-Nissan's Car of the future: Or how Lindsey lost her groove!

-The guys from Penny Arcade tell Steve and Carp about PAX and Gamerpics.

Game News
-EA and their expiration dates. One more reason Rusty won't leave Shadowrun!
-SK8TE: Will this kick Tony Hawk from his board? Or will we be bored?
-GTA Delay. The lack of 4 player co-op may be to blame for this delay.

Game Reviews:
-ALL PRO FOOTBALL: 2K and O.J.? The newest Football Game to take a stab at the Madden genre.
-NASCAR: Carpal tells us why 2 lefts (turns that is) won't make this game right!

-Squidpuch with The 360 Friend-Spot Spot.
-The Marketplace Minute: Rusty joins Gui J to let us know that "WE" judge the Marketplace.
-Console Crimes
-Useless Tips
-and more

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