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Submitted by -Mezzo- 1924d ago | article

Six completely irrational things I do in videogames

Chad Concelmo from Destructoid: In a second, you are going to read a list of six completely irrational things I do in videogames. These are not irrational things that start off absurd and lead to some secret gameplay trick that suddenly makes me look like some videogame genius. No, these are irrational things in the truest sense of the word: utterly illogical acts that lack all reason and sound judgment. Basically, the acts of a crazy person. (Culture)

gravemaker  +   1925d ago
MisterNiwa  +   1924d ago
This guy is crazy, but I like him. He is like me.
UnSelf  +   1924d ago
get this in MVC2 i ALWAYS (no im not fkin exaggerating) I ALWAYS match up my team wit the corresponsding opponent.

street fighters always fight street fighters unless unavailable (Ryu vs Bison, Akuma, Ken or Cyclops)

womnen only always fight women unless none of available

Mutants fight mutants

elements fight elements

shuma gorath ONLY fights thanos or other mythical opponents

Gambit NEVER fights Rogue

Servbot NEVER fights T Bonne

Spiderman fights Wolverine, Venom

xmen fight their trademark enemies

swordsmen fight other swordsmen

If Cable happens to beat Cyclops he automatically dies

the list is damn near infinite

funny shit is it keeps the game super fresh
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UnSelf  +   1924d ago
oh and in any GOW game when i enter a huge new location thats indoors, i NEVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR RUN.

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hay  +   1924d ago
I always tend to build backstory in games myself. Do things just for the sake of atmosphere.
In San Andreas I went with psychological stages with C.J. In the beginning being just a C.J. Then, after first successes I used the imaginary confidence momentum to change his image to more hardcore/macho like, clothes to showoff, went to gym to beef him up and started balance diet instead of junkfood and when he gained some actual power I decided to make him more mature, responsible. Changed clothes, attitude to less rebelious, more considerate of fictional consequences, "made him thinking about his career" etc.
I put quite a lot imagination in games though I find it hard in jRPGs since in most cases they so lack freedom focusing on mediocre storyline...

Another example would be Dungeon Keeper. I always built symmetrical rooms and "care" for my minions in kind of evil way. Libraries were always placed in quiet places, the same with lair. hatchery was always close to the lair and places with intensive activities(like training room and workshop). Also I was always humiliating do-gooders by converting the Knight as often as possible with great finale having two Avatars in last level. When I had Horned Reaper I always built separate, smaller dungeon for him.

I always care about highest morale when some kind of system is present. In Peace Walker I always cared for high provisions %. In Homm series I tried to have highest morale possible. In economic games I built empires carefully caring about well being of my people.
And in mentioned Dungeon Keeper I often buffed weaker foes just to let my minions have more brutal fun.

In shooters, when lurking around the corner I sometimes try to physically look around it by leaning my body to the side, though this isn't really irrational.

And this is just a peak of an iceberg.
DaBadGuy  +   1924d ago
lol at the Mega-Man thing, i totally do that all the time. It's like an awesome 80's mid-jump freeze frame.
PS360PCROCKS  +   1924d ago
lol we all do goofy things. I have done that before in GTA, stopped at all the traffic lights. When i was a kid I always made sure I jumped through the ending of every Sonic level. Lol I dunno why. I dance at the end of every LBP level. If I think long enough i could think of tons of things I do in games.
TheLastGuardian  +   1924d ago
Stopping at all the stoplights in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. OMGWTFBBQ who does that shit?
whothedog  +   1924d ago
SANITARIUM! Anyone remember that game, its the picture, great game.
dead_eye  +   1924d ago
awesome game
SOAD  +   1924d ago
What I like to do in games is marvel at the level of progression in visuals and physics in all the of the games I play. I don't consider myself a graphics whore or any kind of whore (except on the weekends) but I really like to see the differences in games.

So what I do is I will usually zoom in (whenever possible) on all kinds of objects in the games I play. I zoom in on walls and character models and flora and fauna and water and all objects in games because I want to see the quality of the textures. I've done this in Halo 3, Bioshock, Uncharted 2, Killzone 2, Mirror's Edge, Gears of War, Uncharted 1, Dead Space, Gears of War 2, Forza 2 (photo mode), Assassin's Creed, Mass Effect, and many more.

I also shoot and melee various objects like walls or bottles or bodies of water or dead bodies because I want to see the physics effects. For example, if I shoot a wall I will stare at the bullet hole and count how long it takes for it to fade away. I count particle effects and observe variety in the games.

I sometimes do this in multiplayer mode such as in Halo 3. I die a lot because while people are shooting at me I'm staring at the different textures. Halo 3 looks pretty decent from a moderately close distance.

Bioshock looks pretty bad zoomed in, so does Assassin's Creed and Gears 1. Dead Space looks pretty good but it's hard to zoom in so I have to position the camera almost inside the walls and that's when it looks bad.

Also, the lighting in Bioshock is mostly baked. But it might be more dynamic in Bioshock 2. The lighting in Uncharted 1 is baked in some areas and the texture pop-in is prevalent, but in Uncharted 2 the textures hardly ever pop-in and the lighting is mostly dynamic.

Something I noticed about Uncharted 2 was in the level on the roof with the pool. The clouds in the sky are static. They don't move. But in the multiplayer mode of UC2 in the Plaza map, the clouds move. I always thought it would be the opposite.

In Halo 3, the character faces are absolutely terrible. If you look at a UNSC marine up close he or she looks like a Halo 2 face model in a slightly upgraded body model. Also, if you look at them long enough they will make humorous comments.

I actually tend to look at NPC characters for long periods of time in games to see if they will say something. In Fallout 3, GTAIV, and Halo 3, NPCs will comment on you for staring. The comment is usually humorous.

In Dead Space, Uncharted 2, Assassin's Creed, and Bioshock, they will merely repeat the mission objective or tell you there's no time to stand around.

In GTAIV I once saw an NPC of an old lady I think, and I stared at her for a long time, and she turned her head from side to side to see if anyone was looking and she began to pick her nose.

It's little details like that which make me love doing this kind of voyeuristic stuff.

By the way, of all the games I've played, Modern Warfare 2 has had some of the worst textures of any of them. Literally, in one map, I was lying prone on the grass, and the ground itself was just a bland green like you would see in Microsoft Paint. The grass textures were equally grotesque.

It's kind of amusing to observe this because when Modern Warfare 1 was being previewed, people were blown away by the graphics because they looked so much better than in Cod 3.

In a short space of two years, the same visuals are considered extremely terrible.
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RedPawn  +   1924d ago
I love to listen to music a LOT!
birchoff  +   1924d ago
mmike855  +   1924d ago
Excellent idea for an article, and well written, too. Good work!
P_Bomb  +   1924d ago
lol, great article!

Hmm, what else?

I still collect 1-up mushrooms even when I have like 100 lives and am only playing for a short stint.

I feel compelled to help people calling for help even when I'm maxed out and there's no benefit to me (eg. healing people in inFamous, catching the injured sheriff's escaped crooks in Red Dead even though he just shoots them anyway, getting the kid his balloon in Spider-man 2 lol)

Keeping things in my inventory I'll never need again just so I can have one of everything (eg. the park key in RE3, boxes in MGS)

Dropping bombs in Maru Mari mode in Metroid even when there's no one around or nothing to destroy. Screw Attacking Metroids just to hear them go 'blublublublublublublu' ;

Flush the toilet and turn on random faucets just because (Max Payne, GTA, BioShock, Heavy Rain)
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il-mouzer  +   1924d ago
great article!
rakunado  +   1924d ago
I am so guilty of jumping through boss doors in megaman... hahaha... love the article.
SmashBrawler101  +   1924d ago
In Left 4 Dead, say if I'm playing as an Infected, I'll wait on rooftops for the Survivors to get near me. Then whenever another player-controlled Infected comes into my territory (in most cases, Hunters), they stay there to wait. While we're waiting to attack, I'll always make sure I start dancing (crouching up and down, spinning, other unnecessary crap). Doesn't have a purpose but only ONE time so far, another Hunter started dancing as well lol.
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SeraphimBlade  +   1923d ago
I've been a cart pusher at walmart for the last two years, and there are random shopping carts throughout the city in Crackdown 2. I HAVE TO PUT THEM SOMEWHERE! I usually just end up throwing them at people.

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