Game consoles 2007: It's Nintendo's market to lose

If you think about it, this will be a fascinating fourth quarter. Nintendo Wii, to pretty much the surprise of everyone, is the product to beat, Sony, the old champ, is on life support but getting a short term uplift, and last week even the Xbox Core unit (which has never sold well) sold very well.

Part of this drama is due to the Halo 3 release, but let's take a look at what is going on and recap the strategy each vendor is bringing to the table.

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bym051d4019d ago

They're doing their best to lose it. So far, the best games are (in no order),

Wii Sports (Free Pack-in)
Zelda: TP (Gamecube mirror)
Super Paper Mario (Originally destined for Gamecube)

I love my Wii, but after a year, there is hardly anything out for what will soon be the top selling "nextgen" console around. The best games are still on the VC.

Boon Tarkas4019d ago

The Wii is the Rubix Cube of this generation. Fun at first and then increasingly lame. It's called a fad. I believe the markey has come close to saturation.
There is not one kid out there that has a Wii that will not be crying to his parents for a 360 or a PS3 for Christmas after seeing Lair or Halo3 at a friends house.

tonsoffun4019d ago

I dunno man - I keep on hearing the same comments towards the Wii as I did towards the DS and look how that panned out - I think it has went far beyond a fad now - it had become the iPod of consoles.

I really can see the Wii dominating the next year or so.

like it or not, Ninty will be the only company this gen to make a serious amount of money.

ALIEN4019d ago

WII is selling more than PS3 and 360.

GnaM4019d ago (Edited 4019d ago )

The title "Nintendo's Market to Lose" misrepresents the content of the article. It's not revealing some shocking new event which will overthrow Nintendo's position at the top, it's just summarizing the situation with the gaming industry which has already been discussed by other articles many times. The title was obviously chosen to grab people's attention and cause controversy; not to give you an accurate picture of what the story was about.

And so far, it seems to be working, as the console trolls here at N4G are chomping at the bait.

braane4019d ago

Sure they have a market that is once again designed for casual gamers or people who arent gamers but like I keep telling my friends which 3 of them own a WII it will eventually come back to haunt you... what hardcore games do they have? none except one decent port of RE4 than nothing... sure theres some games in there that arent terrible for hardcore...

tell me when the wii starts getting games like Mgs4 in amazing 1080i then I will be around to possibly buy one... but with the less than stellar games and graphics of the Wii why would anyone want one

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