Mafia 2 Playboy Magazines Guide

VGB: A Mafia 2 Playboy Magazines locations guide that will help you find all 50 collectibles in the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC third-person shooter game. Collect them all to unlock the “Ladies’ Man” Achievement worth 40G or the Silver Trophy.

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PidgeottosCrew2669d ago

Scantily clad women used to help sell video games. What is the world coming to?

Looking forward to picking this title up, regardless of the so-so reviews I've been hearing.

mikhail_tisoy2669d ago

are the magazine uncensored?

creepjack2669d ago

The centerfolds you find in the game are uncensored.

CrzyFooL2668d ago

Thanks, was waiting for this.

Beatboxtaun2668d ago

Oh that tank is so sweet! I want one.

2668d ago