Guitar Hero III My Chemical Romance Pack Trailer

Rock your living room with new songs Teenagers, Famous Last Words, and This is how I Disappear as performed by My Chemical Romance. An HD video is available following the link.

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sticky doja3993d ago

Its for GH2. Who approved this?

Hooby3993d ago

Most boring arse songs ever.

Cysquatch3993d ago

Horrible emo crap and not even GH3.

InMyOpinion3993d ago

Maybe they're trying to appeal to 14 year old girls?

FreeMonk3993d ago

What a crap pack.

Bring on rock band!! At least they are promising full albums and new tracks, with over 100 in the first year, not 3 track every 2 months like Activision have been offering.

Why don't they just release the Rock in the 80's pack that was released on the PS2??

Syko3993d ago

They have already said they will be releasing those 80's songs for GH3. Since they wont be compatible with GH2's DLC. (Different engines).

Cant find the link now sorry. But it is around.

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