SOE believes new MMO to bridge culture divide

Sony Online Entertainment's head of business development, David Christensen, has pointed to some naiveté when it comes to the Western understanding of other cultures.

He was speaking following the unveiling of the publisher's new MMO, which takes inspiration from a holy Hindu poem, and aims to promote awareness of the religion to Western audiences.

"Unfortunately I think most people - not just those in the gaming industry - are a bit naïve when it comes to any culture but their own, which is precisely why SOE believes it is of the utmost importance to partner with local talent in every foreign market we enter," David Christensen told Eurogamer. "To be successful in a territory you have to think like the consumers there."

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bym051d4057d ago

Good luck to them... I'm used to FFXI where you constantly see messages like "JPN ONLY" or "NA NO."

Some of the best parties I had were JPN parties, but there were lots around who wanted nothing to do with North Americans.

iceice1234057d ago

Making MMO's? Didn't Blizzard give them the boot? Come on, give up your MMO's suck.