Postal III News: Web Page Is Live & Offensive with Poster & Screens

Postal III is not intended for Politicians, your mom, your little sister, or the priest molesting her. It is a game about free will. Violence begets violence and the choice is yours.

Key Features:
-Choose between three ways to play through the game: The Good, The Bad, and Insane.
-Interact with numerous NPC factions, powered by reactive AI and complex behavior.
-Fusion of linear story-driven missions and huge free-roaming areas.
-Features wide array of real-life celebrities: from Playboy Playmates to film stars and musicians.
-The game is being developed on SourceTM Engine by Valve for Xbox 360 and PC.

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MK_Red4061d ago

I'm a big fan of Postal games but of all new features, I love the "The Good, The Bad, and Insane. ", I just hope they add a Double Psycho to that.

RageofReaper4061d ago

i hope everyone involved in these sh*tty postal games finds themselves one day been ironically p*ssed on by some nob in a trench coat, whilst having to endure sh*t jokes.

really, do we want crap like this been the centerpiece of next gen gaming? does the 360 really want to be assosiated with something so dire? it is honestly beyond me how any puplisher has agreed to go ahead with this.

awful, awful game. and as a further negative, the game industry might as well just be handing jack thingy a written confession that some games do negatively influence society and cause violence. its crap like this that gives the gaming industry problems and a negative image.

MyNutsYourChin4060d ago

"...its crap like this that gives the gaming industry problems and a negative image..."


AbyssGravelord4061d ago

That one part that said "1 Postal III is not intended for Politicians, your mom, your little sister, or the priest molesting her."

I laughed so hard at the priest molesting her part!!!

MK_Red4060d ago

Agreed. "little sister, or the priest molesting her." fas was lol.

Before attacking please understand that this is just humor and real child molestaion is ugly and hated and wrong.
If you ever understood the genius South Park series then you should understand this game. (Thought South Park has much more depth and brain that Postal, these RWC games are still the only realy ov-the-top games left in industry)

MyNutsYourChin4060d ago

You think South Park is genius comedy? I think that's hilarious. South Park is one sided and biased on issues. Comedy of that type is not genius, it's typical and immature. I'm not saying that South Park isn't funny, it's quite hilarious at times but it's definately not genius.

If you want genius comedy watch The Colbert Report. It's two-sided simultaneous mockery of current issues is contemporary genius.

MK_Red4060d ago

You say South Park is not genius comedy!?? Have you ever seen the South Park movie or read its reviews? Every major movie critic considers it to be a totally intellegent and genius comedy and the most mature show among these different cartoon series. Postal is not genius I agree but South Park!? Just read its reviews from IGN to NYTimes to EW.

rmw824060d ago

There is nothing funny about molestation. People need to grow up.

The overwhelming majority of Priests are great people who contribute a lot more to society than most of us. It is the few that ruin the reputation of the many.

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MK_Red4060d ago

Why so much hate? This is NOT a mainstream game and almost every major anti-game lawsuit is about mainstream titles like GTA and Doom.

Postal is a niche strical game for arcade fun. I never understand some people.

id dot entity4060d ago

I think Postal sucks. Not because of what you can do, the theme, the dumb ass action or anything... just because the games are bad.

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