BioShock: I think I've been here before writes: "So, like many, I played the unbelievable BioShock demo last night, and was floored. I've never been much of an FPS fan; I've always said it would take a lot to get me really into the genre. But few could argue with me that BioShock definitely brings it to the table, with one of the most vividly realized and physically interactive worlds I've ever seen in a game."

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Balance4019d ago

is it true there is no mulitplayer in this game?

cuco334019d ago

i don't think this game needs it. as much as i think multiplayer is an almost must in all games nowadays, i feel it should ONLY be implemented in cases where it feels like it needs one. i think darkness comes to mind on how MP should have not been made and more focus on the good single player campaign. assassin's creed will also have no MP

nobizlikesnowbiz4019d ago

Think so.

What I heard at least.

Thats complete BS this game should at least have some kind of multiplayer.

Wile4019d ago

Nah, I played the demo lastnight and I don't think the gameplay would translate well to multiplayer.

InMyOpinion4019d ago

Agree with Wile. Look up Stranglehold instead. It will probably have amazing multiplayer.

JPomper4019d ago

I gotta say, after watching the video at the end of the demo showing off all the cool things you could do, multiplayer would have been awesome. Imagine the possibilities between setting up traps, using plasmids or even choosing between player types. Hellooooo trumbling around as a Big Daddy? Or jumping around walls as a splicer?

Tons of potential.

FreedomReign4018d ago (Edited 4018d ago )

With the budget, and time constraints though. No.
Plus Bioshock 2 has already been confirmed to have Multiplayer.
Guess that kind of proves your point though.

Maybe the PS3 version will have Multiplayer. Like VF5 on 360. The PC version could always be patched and modded to have multiplayer as well.

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ParaDise_LosT4019d ago

Bioshock makes the real world look like a 16bit game :)

r10004019d ago

Why does EVERY GAME have to have a multi-player element? Seriously this game looks like it can hold it's own as a single player game, the story look very interesting, isn't that enough for you people...

BoneMagnus4019d ago

I've missed good SP games. Lately, most games I have bought have been for LIVE play. I haven't even started the tutitorial in GRAW 2, but have got my money's worth in LIVE play - same with Vegas - I've only beat the campaign in co-op - not SP.

The Bioshock demo was amazing, and the actual game is going to blow us away. The pacing is just my style - slow, strategic and intentional - not run-and-gun.

The demo seemed to fly by because I was so immersed - it is a unique world unlike anything I've seen before in a videogame - it was a world I wanted to stay in and learn more about.

tplarkin74019d ago

It is what we are taught in college. According to the latest design professors, architecture is godless and is supposed to elevate humanity. These professors (and some famous architects) practically raise themselves to the status of God. This is backwards thinking. Apparently, the makers of Bioshock agree with me.

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The story is too old to be commented.