$20,000 Theater-in-a-box includes 2 XBOX 360s

The ITC One from SE2 Labs combines name-brand A/V components, Xbox 360s, iPod dock, AMX automation, TV tuners and more into one compact box that puts most home theater equipment racks to shame.

It's like a six-foot-tall A/V rack boiled down to a single box measuring 18 x 21 x 19 inches, or 11 rack units high (although it's not rack-mountable).

Weighing 100 to 125 pounds, the ITC is packed with everything needed to operate an elaborate home theater, including motorized drapes and lights.

Inside the snazzy console are all of the electronics that typically comprise an A/V rack, but without the extraneous cases, buttons and connectors. You get a surround-sound receiver, preamp, amplifier, video processor, video iPod dock, power conditioning, cable and satellite TV tuners, a PVR, A/V cables, a couple of Xbox 360s, and a control system to manage it all.


Edit: From the pictures, it appears that there is only 1 XBOX and 1 HD-DVD drive, not 2 as the story was labeled.

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iceice1234054d ago

Why hasn't a Sony fanboy said "omfg!111 a new sku lolol 360 ripoff 2k dollerz lol maor then ps3!!111lolnot as good!"?

castdreams4054d ago (Edited 4054d ago )

Wow, I'm sure you took the words right out of some peoples mouth. Bubbles for you!

bym051d4054d ago

They're waiting for it to show up on the Amazon top 20 first.


No, we are complaining where have gone that ring of light, how much noise this thing will do, if this can scratch even your iPod and waiting the first one to overheat so we can flood the site! :)

No wait, just kidding at you, couldn't resist. The think is good, i'm not for the majority of the 360 games, but this... cinema thing... this looks like some good piece of hardware, pretty complete.

cdzie14054d ago

Look at the slideshow, that's not 2 Xbox 360s, that 1 Xbox 360 and 1 Xbox HD DVD player.

Syko4054d ago (Edited 4054d ago )

Yeah you are totally right about that. The DVD-9 Drive is on the left and the HD-DVD drive is on the right, Good eye man.

I just hope they have proper cooling. It looks like it is stuffed tight in there! because how would you know if you had the RRoD, there is no ring.

They Said: To mitigate this problem, SE2 built its products with the “components”—the boards—aligned vertically. “Cool air comes in the bottom and goes out the top and it can’t go back into the box,” Pyle says.

The fans are computer-controlled so they are infinitely variable. A temperature sensor tells the fans when to ramp up and down. “There’s just a slow, consistent change in speed so you won’t hear it kick in like other fans,” says Pyle. On the exhaust vent, a glowing light changes colors to reflect the temperature of the box.

Still I wonder if one has failed yet? Sounds like it could be 1000% better than MS original design, LOL. Still for 20k I will take an overheating launch unit before paying that kind of jack for this badboy!

bym051d4054d ago (Edited 4054d ago )

Good call. I posted a comment on the original story.

Edit: Also posted an update on the above story.

sajj3164054d ago

can't wait .. I'll be the coolest kid on the block!

BIadestarX4054d ago

Nice... wait until you see the new IPTV with built-in xbox 360 hit the market....

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