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Submitted by BIoodmask 1996d ago | news

Microsoft Took "Shortcuts" with Kinect

The creator of little-known motion detection technology iisu reckons Microsoft took "shortcuts" to get Xbox 360 add-on Kinect to market this November. (Industry, Kinect, Xbox 360)

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movements  +   1996d ago
Not good.

MS should take its time to provide customers with a product that functions properly, and not just some quick put together to make casual money.

Remember the Xbox 360 and RROD. I tell ya, MS just won't learn.
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captain-obvious  +   1996d ago
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brazilianbumpincher  +   1996d ago
i agree with him from what ive seen but he still sounds a little bitter to me
that regardless of corners cut by microsoft they launch before his tech..
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iFLOWLIKEWATER  +   1996d ago
o in other words, I should wait and buy this guy's camera because he "talked it up"? I think I'll wait and let MS buy his company and then everyone is a happy camper. Whose with me? Lol...
HSx9  +   1996d ago
I wouldn't be surprised if they took "shortcuts" with the xbox 360 as well.
Millah  +   1996d ago
Its no surprise MS is taking shortcuts. They never seem to learn from their past mistakes. Its really quite unbelievable how stupid they are.

Same old Microsoft, just a different era.

HOWEVER, this guys statements need to be taken with a grain of salt, because he's just a smaller unknown competitor trying to sell his own product, and will try to make the big guys product look inferior if he can. I'm NOT saying he's wrong, because its very apparent that MS rushed Kinect and cut corners to get it to market. I'm just saying this guy has his own agenda, and that doesn't include making Kinect look good.
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TotalPS3Fanboy  +   1996d ago
Microsoft will never learn.
Too bad 360 gamers will never learn too.
webeblazing  +   1996d ago
why should they learn if people dont care. ask a wife beater would he learn if his wife still wont leave him. thats a small chance.
Dance  +   1996d ago
its up to the developer to find ways around the it
hoops  +   1996d ago
Yes and no. Great devs will find a way, however if this article rings true, it's MS fault for releasing yet again half backed hardware to make it to the market faster.
From a business standpoint it makes sense as Kinect will appeal mostly to the non gaming crown that would care less of graphics...accuracy etc...they just want trendy Wii like party fun games.
So this might pay off for MS to release it early and then correct it later on. Gee that sounds familiar.....
jneul  +   1996d ago
lool, the irony...
Pennywise  +   1996d ago
I am making a list, Dance:

Devs having to find ways around a console and peripherals weaknesses.

Not Cool:
Devs having to find ways to code to consoles advantages.

Definitely not cool:
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divideby0  +   1996d ago
totally agree MS is all about marketing and rushing an unfinished product to market.

need we recall the RROD.....
how about the HDDVD.....

and now Kinetic.
Hoje0308  +   1996d ago
In their defense, the HD format war could have gone either way. The RROD on the other hand, well that just shows that they're assholes.
Misterhbk  +   1996d ago
Not good at all.
Thousands of people are about to get screwed over by microsoft again, come this holiday season. Im sure this will still go the way of the 360 and people will simply repurchase instead of waiting til the product is actually fixed.
For the consumers that will purchase this, I feel bad, because many of the casual gamers will have no idea what theyre really getting into. Something MS seems to be banking on with Kinect.
Hoolock  +   1996d ago
This article is a little shadey. Its hard to take the opinion of of a person who is working for a competing technology. He's hardly going to sing the technical praises of Kinect when he himself is trying to launch a competing product that has zero limelight. He could be completely honest in his remarks or he may just be trying to promote his product over Microsoft's. I'd go with the later.
brazilianbumpincher  +   1996d ago
his right in some aspects,natal had a cpu kinect hasnt and i think thats where most of the lag comes from,but yeh like i said in my earlier post he does sound bitter
outrageous  +   1996d ago
Agree Hoolock
Well said...he may be telling the truth but comparing his small company to M$ is like comparing ants to elephants.

Things are changing daily for Kinect with more and more imput from M$ and developers everywhere. He claims that he could do everything he claims with Kinect as is...Hmmm... what makes anyone think that M$ can't do the same. Kinect is in it's infancy...doesn't even release till November.

The problem with this guys tech is it's patented which is good for him BUT Sony or M$ paying royalties on a device that could potentially sell millions is not really the best incentive for these guys. Look a M$ hooking up with AMD/ati...all about the royalties
Jack The Lad  +   1996d ago
And the XBox 360 to
Robearboy  +   1996d ago
Yawn another anti MS article - I personally think that a company that probably has more employees than the entire population of Belguim maybe a little more equiped to work on the technology a bit quicker than the small firm who spent years on it.
And like so many people keep on saying, the tech was half cooked anyway before MS got their hands on it so its not like that were starting off with the eggs, flour and sugar, all they needed to do was put the icing and candles on it
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rwarner174  +   1996d ago
You could throw 5 million janitors at a problem, but I doubt they will solve it faster than one electricical/computer engineer when it comes to computer hardware. Janitors and software engineers almost have the same real world skill set actually. Actually, at least janitors know how to clean.
-Ikon-  +   1996d ago
This is why I dont buy MS products.
writersblock  +   1996d ago
The problem isnt that MS wont learn
Its that people wont learn that taking shortcuts is what MS does. MS doesnt need to learn since people keep buying their stuff, PEOPLE need to learn to stop buying crappy products
bustamove  +   1996d ago
Shortcuts is what gave the 360 the RROD in the first place. Microsoft needs to stop taking shortcuts before it costs them in the end.
bjornbear  +   1996d ago
MS took shortcuts?
now thats not news.

@ people doubting source:

sure, its shady but what did you expect? a Kinect dev or MS dev to say this? get real.

all you need is a little common sense and some eyes to see that kinect hasn't been very impressive (thus far)

however, like with everything, we must wait and see until it comes out.
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harrisk954  +   1996d ago
So true....
Great quote from the article:

"I'm not impressed with the technical result. But I'm impressed by the marketing efforts."
divideby0  +   1996d ago
"I'm not impressed with the technical result. But I'm impressed by the marketing efforts."

that about just sums it all up... its all about glitter, smoke in mirrors and not substance...

my decision of not buying one continues to be justified to me
divideby0  +   1996d ago
LOL at the DAs...clearly you didnt read the article or just didnt understand it?

I quoted one of the original Natal developers...disagree with someone like him... just LMAO.....
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KiLLUMiNATi_89   1996d ago | Off topic | show | Replies(5)
lelo2play  +   1996d ago
It would be better to delay Kinect for some time and make it work, then release a broken product in November. It might sell well in the beginning, but after some time people will realize it does not work. Stupid... stupid... Microsoft. There has been a lot of negative articles towards Kinect, and i bet a lot of people are starting to have 2nd thoughts of buying Kinect... but i guess we have to wait till November to see if it works or not.
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HeroXIV  +   1996d ago
I feel a bit sorry for the kids who ask their parents for this, or for the people who think it'll help them lose weight.

Newsflash to those people : sports in the REAL world are infinitely better than they are in the virtual one.
lightningsax  +   1996d ago
It's amazing that this article doesn't mention the fact that Kinect was *bought* by Microsoft, not created by them. It seems as if the camera had been downgraded since its initial non-MS inception due to costs, but that's not creating anything, that's cost-cutting.

Michel Tombroff is either missing the point or just wants attention. If he really wants to know what "very complex problems" were encountered and fixed upon creating a direct competitor to their system, he would need to ask the original company that created it and the company that's currently cited as the tech's developer - PrimeSense, a hardware company from Tel Aviv.

How hard is it to do a little research, guys? Tombroff should have known to do that before throwing money on his own technology development.
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ALFAxD_CENTAURO  +   1996d ago
Another rushed product? O_O
on your back   1996d ago | Spam
djfullshred  +   1996d ago
Funny, but it seems that Sony could just jump on this competing product & integrate to the Playstation... and have a better version of Kinect for their system, without having to spend any dev time on it.
A Cupcake for Gabe  +   1996d ago
Sony used this technology with the Eye Toy years ago on PS2, but they scrapped it.
djfullshred  +   1996d ago
I am speaking specifically about iisu, not the stripped down, limited motion control technology behind Eyetoy.
AndyTaylor91   1996d ago | Spam
ReBurn  +   1996d ago
Looks to me like someone is trying to do a little publicity smash and grab here.

Some small, relatively unknown company comes out woodwork and says that Microsoft must have cut corners because they've been trying do the same thing for longer and weren't able. Well, when you have practically unlimited funds you can hire some of the best engineering minds that money can buy. Which is something that Softkinetic probably can't do.

People are loving to hate this technology for some reason. We'll have to see when it releases if it actually does what Microsoft says it does. From what I've seen the odds are a pretty even split between "It Rocks!" and "It Sucks!" with console preference being the biggest determining factor in the votes.
WLPowell  +   1996d ago
Looks to me like someone is on damage control duty in the forums...
DelbertGrady  +   1996d ago
You'd get the same response if it said "The creator of little-known sperm detection technology jiizzu reckons Microsoft took 'shortcuts'"...

"Yes, yes, he's definitely right. Just like the one-legged horse they quoted last week".
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Hoje0308  +   1996d ago
It has nothing to do with console preference. I'm skeptical of Move and Kinect, as it seems like they both have too much lag to be taken seriously. Having said that, Kinect seems to be suffering the most. And can you really blame people for not trusting MS after they knowingly released faulty hardware?
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ActionBastard  +   1996d ago
I agree. The guy talks shit, the goes on to say he has spoken with Sony. And may work with MS.
Bellcross  +   1996d ago
Is anyone surprise?, seriously anyone?
Hoje0308  +   1996d ago
Microsoft rushing an unfinished product to market, when have I heard that before? Seriously though, if this is true then people just shouldn't support these buffoons anymore.
divideby0  +   1996d ago
The problem with the ENTIRE BILLION $$ gaming industry, its the ONLY industry that I know of that we see hardware and software broken, not totally working OR what kills me the most is these products do NOT work according to their written description on their boxes (games). This is just acceptable to gamers who continue to buy these products.
No other industry is allowed or gets away with this crap. I have yet to purchase software that does not work as its supposed to do. Games are totally different.
Hoje0308  +   1996d ago
Agreed, and this generation is worse than any I can remember. It's not as if Ninty or Sony are angels or anything, but at least they haven't released hardware that has a 50/50 shot of breaking down in order to be the first on the market. Add to that the fact that games are now being released in an unfinished state and then patched until the software (hopefully) begins to work properly. Don't even get me started on the thieves that charge for DLC that's on the disc (fuck you, Capcom). You can be sure it won't stop either, because there are simply too many idiots supporting these practices by buying $15 map packs (for games that are broken, no less).
PoorMansGT  +   1996d ago
another rushed product like the most unreliable hardware the 360.
SaxScrotumz  +   1996d ago
I guess only time will tell...
Redempteur  +   1996d ago
"I'm not impressed with the technical result. But I'm impressed by the marketing efforts."

seriously , besides the trolls who is impressed with the technicals aspects of kinect ??
mortalrage  +   1996d ago
I am
Got 4 kids that will be entertain by kinect.

Its cheaper than a babysitter :p

Their is to many hardcore gamers here @N4G, to get any positive impressions or comments about kinect, from N4G members ;)
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A Cupcake for Gabe  +   1996d ago
Wow! Really? You are an awful person
mortalrage  +   1996d ago
writersblock  +   1996d ago
Makes sense
If I had kids, I might buy it for them. Dont have to worry about them messing around with controllers or anything.

Haha, kinect could have a babysitting pack. Simon Says games :P

But thats the problem most people are seeing. If you're over 12, kinect is nothing to be interested in
Redempteur  +   1996d ago
seriously .. if i got kids i would buy them a portable console instead ..because i sure wouldn't let them touch my stuff

i realise that in some homes, the console in the living room might be shared.. but neither Tv nor kinect will replace a human being ... get ready for when they'll call you when they'll do something unexpected by the game and be bothered every minute ...

a ds with some cheap mario or any other platforming game with simple objectives will last way more on the long run
wicked  +   1996d ago
I'm with you, got 3 kids and have preordered it, along with kinect sports. It can not be any less used than my Wii. That gets used like twice a year.
forcefullpower  +   1995d ago
Learned Lesson
I am surprised how you have not learned your lesson from buying the Wii that it is gimmicky rubbish and your kids will use it for no more than 5 min just like the Wii.

You all prove that Microsoft is right that people will buy any shite even if it doesn't work right. As long as you market it right people will buy it.
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p_bateman  +   1996d ago
I heard that Kinect boxes will only contain an 'IOU 1 Kinect' voucher, wrapped round a brick.
xX-PEIN-Xx  +   1996d ago
that had me rolling, bubbles for you!
Clarence  +   1996d ago
Is anyone surprise. MS did the same thing with the 360, in order to get out before the PS3 and Wii. You would think they would have learned their lesson.
BrianC6234  +   1996d ago
He's not impressed with the technical side of Kinect but with the marketing? You mean Microsoft lying and saying things work when they don't? If the technical side doesn't work Microsoft will really have to impress him with the marketing.
s45gr32  +   1996d ago
I hope have learned their lesson in buying Microsoft rushed products. I hope gamers decide to wait until Microsoft fixes its issues with Kinect.
punisher99  +   1996d ago
"Microsoft Took "Shortcuts" with Kinect"

I mean seriously guys is this a shocker?? Microsoft never care about actually making a high quality product. They care more about getting your money the fastest way possible. If their was a world wide race event between major corporations about which company can get the most money the quickest, Microsoft would win hands down.
tiamat5  +   1996d ago
After the Xbox and 360 causing so much trouble I can see Kinect units being a problem too. It's not like it's impossible or improbable. If sacrificing quality to get more money works, why not? In the end it is dishonest and undrrhanded but since when did anyone accuse Microsoft of being honest?
btk  +   1996d ago
No sh|t Sherlock
What else is new...

But this time - they launched last. And that is going to make a huge difference. Wii already has the kiddies market. PS3 will take the hardcore motion control market. MS me-too rushed short-cuts product is going to really flop. With Move out in the market Kinect is going to look bad - and consumers will notice - except maybe for Omega4 and Mart.

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