Xbox 360 now the same price as Wii in Australia

Aussie Xbox 360s get price cut, Core system now same cost as a Wii; HDMI-enabled Pro systems to also make their way down under.

When Microsoft announced their decision to drop the price of the Xbox 360 in the US last week, Australian gamers only had one question on their minds: when would the same thing happen down under? The answer, it seems, is today. From August 15, the 20GB-enabled Xbox 360 Pro system will retail for A$579.95 ($486), down from A$649. And perhaps more significantly, the Xbox 360 Core system's price will drop from A$429 to A$399.95. At A$399.95, the Core system is now the same price as a Nintendo Wii in Australia.

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004058d ago

This will be interesting.

PS360PCROCKS4058d ago

Oh my this could get interesting

Syko4058d ago

Will be interested to see how they sell. Still better to get a pro IMO, but for the casuals out there we will see how they react to the 360 at this price.

Cue the Sony group to come in and blast the core system saying the Wii is a better value....

rev204058d ago

But it seems expensive the wii in the uk is a £179. I only know the us exchange rate with the pound nearly 2:1 so is this console just generally more expensive.

Are offers like this to be expected throughout to quickly get rid of the old (could be faulty) hardware so they could push the new chips

bym051d4058d ago

Wii - Plays all Wii games
360Core - Plays only some 360 games

BIadestarX4058d ago

Let's see if the Genious is as smart as he thinks he is...
Let us know what games can't run/play on the core.
If you are not able to mention which games they are... NOTE: Game must be available in Australia.... you are an idiot! morron... and a pathetic loser.

unsunghero284058d ago

I find it's best not to insult someone's intelligence before misspelling grade-school words like "genius" and "moron".

BIadestarX4058d ago

Sorry unsunghero28... English is not my primary language. I started to learn english only 3-4 years ago.. and was too lazy to spell check... after all, I didn't know intelligence was measured based on someone's ability to write perfectly one of the 3 languages he knows. Specially on a game website... I didn't know that a professor in english grammar would be trying to find perfection on a vide game site.

unsunghero284057d ago (Edited 4057d ago )

Sorry, kinda put my foot in my mouth there. Obviously I take back what I said, but I still don't see why you had to insult his intelligence because he made a comment like that...

Plus, in addition to upcoming MMOs, XBLA games don't run on the Core SKU but VC games run on the Wii.

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The story is too old to be commented.