The State Of Korea: Console Games

The world of console gaming in Korea may be massively dwarfed by the country's ever-booming PC sector, but don't be fooled -- it's come a very long way in recent years. Back in 2001, when the Korean government had barely begun to lift its long-held ban on domestic sales of Japanese game systems, Korea's console industry virtually didn't exist at all.

It was, up until that time, something that had remained extremely underground, the obsession of a small but dedicated and resilient group of hardcore fanatics. Then, in December of 2001, PlayStation 2 was given an official Korean launch, and things took off. Slowly.

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bym051d3994d ago

Release the Lineage series on a console and watch the market take off.

alexander22rednaxela3994d ago

As long as they love gaming, it`S all growing.

Wii will make this industry mainstream and accsepted soon.