Changes to combat system caused Age of Conan delay

Fans of the upcoming Age of Conan MMO were likely disappointed at word of the video game's delay from October 2007 to March 2008. It seems the folks at Funcom have decided to put up an policy of openness with their game, as Shannon "Pharamond" Drake, one of the game's community managers, explained that combat system changes were the reason behind the game's delay.

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SuperSaiyan44055d ago

They either need to scrap this game or put another year into it because it looks absolutly CACK! I mean seriously are they going to release the game from what I saw in the trailer with tons of jaggies, dreadful character modelling or was that trailer a joke? Dont know which way it is but looking back on past Conan games they have always looked the worst possible.

And if the publisher is Atari then well its worth staying away...

ion6664055d ago

i cant believe my most favoritist game is delayed oh wait this aint uncharted

MK_Red4055d ago

1.I do agree that combat needed more work. at the pic, not too combat related.

spammy_nooo4054d ago

i just saw the pic and clicked the link. haha.

seriously though, im not interested in this game at ALL. idk when its coming out but i dont have too much extra spending money and my plate is gonna be full for a while. i most likely wont even think about buying this game from what ive seen.

i guess it sucks for the people who were really wanting this game....

Rhezin4054d ago

good take as much time, looks like the got the gameplay down just the jaggies and those washed out graphics. For an RPG I'd rather look to Mass Effect or Fable 2.