Microsoft's Bach Sold More Stock Before Xbox News

Microsoft Corp. executive Robbie Bach sold $3 million more in company stock during the period leading up to an announcement about a costly flaw in its Xbox video game console than previously reported, according to a filing Monday with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

MarketWatch reported in July that following an eight-month period when he sold no shares, Bach sold $6.2 million worth of Microsoft stock between May 2 and a July 5 announcement that the company would take a $1.5 billion charge related to Xbox repairs. The most recent sales occurred between May 25 and May 30, according to SEC filings. Bach is president of the company's entertainment and devices unit, which includes the Xbox.

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Captain Tuttle4059d ago (Edited 4059d ago )

Dirty dirty pool. I hope he gets nailed.

Systematrix4059d ago

He and Martha Stewart should do lunch sometime.

razer4059d ago

What a horrible message to send and a cheap move. Why isn't this bastard being investigated? I think it's obvious he knew what he was doing.