Top 10 Most Depressing Games

There’s some seriously over the top games out there that make you basically shoot the crap out of anything that moves, there’s some great games, some grand endings, and in the case of this list, some seriously screwed up endings. Then there’s the games that really make you want to cry. This is a list of those games that really put you on a downer at game’s end:

Please note: This list WILL contain spoilers. You have been warned.

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mushroomwig2857d ago

Completely agree, it's one of my favourite games of all time, it's so emotional.

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Coffin872856d ago (Edited 2856d ago )

lol, Silent Hill 2 would also have been my number 1, and as I see they picked it too. Good choice.
Shadow of the Colossus is a close 2nd place.

mastiffchild2856d ago

Thing is, though, I found what happened to Haze and too Huma a million times more depressing than any of these games which just have emotional depth to them. Sure, some sad and nasty things happen in some of the games listed but do they leave YOU depressed at the end of the game?

Certainly SH2 and MGS4 both made me think and empathise with the characters having a bad time but the overall effect, as most of these are GOOD games was of money well spent and satisfaction at playing something well put together and thoughtful. not really "depressing" just games with some adult and darker themes and characters in depressed situations, no?

I was much more personally depressed after playing through Haze and TH , having waited for the hype and finding them severely lacking. Those missed chances, whether it was politics(Haze) or just over ambition and wasted time(TH), must be more depressing for us gamers, don't they?

Cots12857d ago

Well i got a somewhat happy ending when i completd heavy rain

Acquiescence2856d ago

No one snuffs it on my watch!

TheLastGuardian2856d ago

I got the most depressiing ending on my first playthrough.
*Spoiler Alert*

I didn't find shaun, Ethan blew his brains out and Norman Overdosed on triptocaine.

Terarmzar2856d ago

My first was Ethan found his son but the cops were out front and he went to scratch his back and cops thought he had a gun so the cops shot and killed him

Nate-Dog2857d ago

Didn't think MGS4 was sad. I was glad when that bitch Naomi died lol. Took her time.

Although the seeming end with Snake after that scene Otacon and Sunny certainly made me teary.

ico922856d ago

why Naomi i really enjoyed her presense in MGS1 and 4, im annoyed how that douche Raiden some how survived

Nate-Dog2856d ago (Edited 2856d ago )

@Koromaro: Lol, got a good laugh from some of that.

@Ico: I just hated her. In MGS she double-crosses Snake and the Colonel, tries to kill Snake, then in MGS4 begs Snake to save her from Ocelot, get's him mixed up with Vamp and a number of other problems in trying to rescue her, and with a big squeeze of her breasts together thinks that's enough to make up for everything she did before.

LinuxGuru2856d ago

I played Metal Gear Solid 4 for 26 hours straight the first time through. Enjoyed every second of it. Probably the most compelling gaming experience of my life. Was it sad? Yeah, it was in a lot of parts. Overall? Not really.

Redrum0592856d ago

The story is much more beautiful and sad when one has played through all the games and knows the story. And I don't mean a new comer playing all the mgs games in 1 week, I mean wen a person has played all the games starting from release of the first game. Much more engaging, as if time passes you buy along with snake.

RIP Bigboss

DelbertGrady2856d ago

Limbo is depressive yet beautiful at the same time.

Lord_Doggington2856d ago

haha 7've got quite the following soda. here's a bubble, brah

-Ikon-2856d ago

Why try to bubble up a known troll?

Lord_Doggington2856d ago

in this instance he's not trolling.

"Limbo is depressive yet beautiful at the same time."

In fact, I don't think he's a troll at all. He'll say something controversial, but I really think he believes it, and that's alright.

It's when fanboys immediately "disagree" or bubble someone down for no reason...that's when things have gotten out of hand.

I might not agree 100% with everything Soda says, but even when I disagree, that doesn't mean I should take away his bubbles.

And when I do see something of his that I agree with, I click agree. If it's not disagreeable, why would you click disagree? You don't see the 3-4 people who made the same comment getting this many disagrees.

It's boiling down to a form of prejudice. You guys should give credit where credit is due. It's a legitimate comment.

You should be ashamed.

-Ikon-2856d ago

Sure this comment by him isn't trolling, but his backlog speaks for itself.

Lord_Doggington2856d ago

gives no reason to disagree with his current comment. 12 disagrees.

it's painfully hateful and sickening

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mastiffchild2856d ago

Soda pokes a bit of fun rather than being an actual troll. He's no Nasim, Green or Omega. His point here is actually a good one as well-as many of his are when he isn't having a laugh with things.

Seriously, there are far worse and more unreasonable trolls of every colour than Soda-he might say things to get a rise and does prefer his 360 but I think it's all in good heart and not intended to offend. That's my opinion anyway.

Lord_Doggington2856d ago

absolutely. omega's a troll. so's dark nikon. so's aaron greenberg. so was peter north.

soda is not a troll. he's just a sensible poster that likes to poke fun sometimes. now he's a martyr.

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