Wii System Update, Already Again?

As if the Metroid Channel update wasn't enough, immediately after the new videos went live, a system update was available. Unlike last week's milestone update, this seems to be just a patch, meant to fix a bug with the Internet Channel.

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Monteblanco4022d ago

Bug cleaning. No big matter but I like the fact Nintendo is taking the trouble of keeping everything clean.

MyNutsYourChin4022d ago

What the hell is with the title? It's a good thing to fix problems, isn't it? Whoever wrote that title needs to be slapped.

djt234022d ago

thanks for bug free system i update it all ready

ChickeyCantor4022d ago

i scared my self 4 am in de morning..... a massive blue light shining in my face while half asleep.....i thought aliens finaly were gonna take me home =( XD