First Sega Rally : Revo PSP's screens

Also announced on PSP, Sega Rally : Revo PSP is shown with these first screens.

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Minimee4143d ago

a lil' disapointed by the graphics :(...but i think that the game will be fluid and so cool to play, that's the most important for a Sega Rally game.

ion6664143d ago

they have all the best games .ds is just a distraction for kids for the hardcore choose psp.can you dig it!!!.can you dig it !!!!!

Minimee4143d ago

"ds is just a distraction for kids" not really convinced 'bout that sorry...

djt234142d ago

the game look good ds is for gamer and psp is for hacker becuase if you buy i game for your psp you dont know anything about homebrew and other stuff becuase you could download them