Korean banks profess love of PS3

The Shihan Bank in Korea is home to a brand new promotion that shouts out loud: WE LOVE PLAYSTATION. The "Bank Zone" allows bankers to play PlayStation 3 games while they wait. Maybe Sony's thinking that these Korean consumers wouldn't mind withdrawing an extra $599 $499 518,000 won to pick up a system.

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HeartlesskizZ3990d ago

I wish my local bank did that when the ps3 was launch. this is the perfect thing to get people to buy something. the bank is visited daily and by different people different time.

genix133989d ago

And this is also catered at the proper audience since the ps3 could be considered a "luxury" item, which people that handle large amounts of money are likely to consider purchasing.

Maddens Raiders3989d ago (Edited 3989d ago )

comfortable about investing money into the Shihan CBFM if they would've just consulted with Top Lamer and the Mart-in first. Now this is nothing more than an uninformed decision. o_O

Snake_Doctor3989d ago

wow, 3 hours and no loan/mortgage related PS3 jokes?
Everyone must be busy talking about how great Madden is on the 360...