Things to do at a LAN party when you suck

If you've ever gone to a LAN party and gotten knocked out early there's always the long wait for the next round or next game. GamingNexus has a offers suggestions a few suggestions to help make that time go by a little quicker.

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nobizlikesnowbiz3902d ago

I've never been to a LAN party but they sound pretty fun.

Big group of players with no lag? Awesome.

Rooted_Dust3902d ago

Neither have I, but I'd like to try it out. I think there is a local group that sets them up near me. I just worry about PC compatibility issues, especially with Vista.

djt233901d ago

Lan party is really fun if you know how to play the game becuase if you a noob people are going to be on your case or di***

anyway i like going to Lan party and play some games

Ravenator5293902d ago

We set up 5 XBox's and played the original Halo via LAN.

It was fun but I am just fine with XBox "live".

Although I will say that it is fun having the people in the same room. It makes bragging and trashtalk a little more worth while!

deadeyes993902d ago

never been to onem dont intend to go unless i get some money out of it.