Mature Games: The Nintendo Dilemma

Time and time again, we've heard them say it. Less "kiddy" games on the Wii. That they're tired of cutesy, stylized titles on the system. That the "hardcore" crowd is crying out for more "mature" content on the Wii.

Notice the quotes around "mature".

After scouring several blogs and forums of much lore and IRC chatrooms of many a great debate with my all-seeing eye, has come to realize that this isn't quite what everyone in the industry perceives it to be.

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Azurite4059d ago

Highly recommend people to read it.

djt234059d ago

i have to agree with Azurite and it is very interesting

Monteblanco4059d ago

Unlike the author, I will not assume my position is representative of the majority of Wii owners. But I do agree with his plead.

CadDad4059d ago

The games I always go back and re-play and the games that get a sheltered spot in my collection are the deep games.

A lot of good points here, but the most important point is that there would be far fewer complaints about the Wii if it had a plethora of high quality and deep titles.


MK_Red4059d ago

Good read. I do agree that games like Zelda TP are mature in gaming and nature but I've got to disagree with the writer:

Not only I want mature deep, great and non-minigame games , I also want to try mature "M" rated games like Manhunt 2 on Wii / DS. Does anyone remember GameCube's masterpiece Eternal Darkness?
And the fact that GameCubes best game ever was rated M!? (RE4)

GnaM4059d ago (Edited 4059d ago )

Honestly, I rarely actually hear people asking for mature titles on the Wii, I just hear people asking for "hardcore" titles. And what they mean by that is "involved" titles, games more complex then the usual gimmick minigames you find on the system. I don't think there's any necessity to define "deep" games in order to figure out what the shortcomings of the Wii library are. Most of the stuff on Wii are gimmick minigames, and people wants games that aren't. End of story.

Also, I have heard many people complaining about Super Paper Mario and Twilight Princes...not for exactly the same reasons, but for similar ones. If there's any weight to the "mature" argument, then it's not because people want "adult" or "deep" games, they just want games that don't send you on inane fetch quests for hours before getting to the real meat of the game, or games that don't make failed attempt at mixing RPG gameplay with lite platforming.

For example compare Shadow of the Colossus to one of the new Zelda games...the desertedness of its world aside, it offered a lot of what people want from the newer Zelda games but aren't getting. It doesn't sidetrack you with gimmicks, annoying faeries, or stupid fetch-quests; it's just a straight forward adventure. That's what people want more of from Nintendo.

djt234059d ago

nintendo have rep for all ages not like the xbox360 with age of 17 and up
sony is almost same with nintendo about all ages
people hate the fact that Super Paper Mario have 3d made too me i like it
and it was really good game.