Home abusers can be turned off and banned, warns Sony

Peter Edward, director of the Home platform for Sony, has told an audience at the Edinburgh Interactive Festival that users who consistently abuse the upcoming Home service face having their machines banned and disabled from being used online.

In an admittedly radical but possible step, Edward noted that a serious abuser would "have to move house and buy a new PS3 before they could get online again."

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THC CELL3990d ago

good idea

X box take note.

VirusE3990d ago

Uhh THC you do realize that they ban people on xbox live all the time? You have to pay for live so if you get banned you would have to pay all over again. Home is free so you can never truly ban anyone. You should think before you speak.

LSDARBY3990d ago

What the hell you mean, you cant truly be banned, just cus your not paying anything doesnt mean you cant be banned.

tethered3990d ago (Edited 3990d ago )

@ VirusE

So you are saying that if you don't pay to use a service they cant ban you?

I dare you to use any combination of curse words or start fights and see if that holds true on this site or other forum sites such as Gamespot or IGN where the forums are free to post in.

Maybe you should think before you speak.

crck3990d ago

So that is all you would have to ban to kill the online for that system. How is that for a complete ban?

WilliamRLBaker3990d ago

has it right, as for that THC....ummm....take note? yeah...Last I checked Sony was the one that had the horrible track record for never banning people, hell I dont even believe this, I doubt sony will follow through, they said the same about the ps2 era of online games and never kept the promise.

I was still seeng people on all the socom games online that I had reported for cheating, still playing all most a year later.

BrianC62343990d ago

VirusE - Did you even read the article? It talks about how Sony can actually ban the PS3. The only way the banned gamer would get back online is to buy a new PS3 if Sony wants to do that. They don't want to have to but they can. Microsoft can do it too. The cost of their online service has nothing to do with the ban.

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ShiftyLookingCow3990d ago

good that they are sending out warning early

Greysturm3990d ago

I like the fact that they are gonna make 18+ areas, hopefully it will sccreen some of the annoying people and the rest with the block comunication tools they seem to be providing. The 18 plus area will mean more brands advertising which means more money for the service always a good thing i really cant wait to try it out.

Keyser3990d ago

Can I get a 25+ area?

SuperSaiyan43990d ago

I assume there is a reporting feature? Of course you would need a certain amount of bad feedback from lots of people before Sony catch on right? Same with Xbox Live.

You would have to be extremely abusive and perhaps racist to have your machine disabled to go online...

LSDARBY3990d ago

Why bring up racism lol, you just have to be abusive to other members or home itself. i.e having a inappropriate user name

Greysturm3990d ago

Or insulting a Sony executive looking around home.

Vip3r3990d ago

This is good to hear. Nice to know we won't have to put up with racists and other twats online.

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The story is too old to be commented.