Okami wins Edge award

Capcom's Clover Studio colourful adventure wins UK magazine's coveted award at the Edinburgh Interactive Festival.

A jury of five games-industry staff have voted on their favourite title of the past 12 months in the annual Edge awards--and Okami picked up the winning gong.

The award ceremony, which was the final event of the first day of the Edinburgh Interactive Festival, was presented by deputy editor Alex Wiltshire.

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Rikitatsu4060d ago

Okami is a Legend that will Stand In History As One Of The Best Games EVER

RealityCheck4060d ago

Okami is easily one of the best game I've ever played, within top 20 all time at least. This award is well deserved. Too bad Clover Studio was closed I would have liked to see more games from them.

At the very least, Capcom which owns the game should make a remake for the Wii, the Wiimote would be very natural for this game.

Bill Gates4060d ago

Great piece of work this game is.

MK_Red4060d ago

Great news. Okami is one the greatest video games of all time and possibly the best example of games as art.

And the list has my fave Dead Rising so, Awesome!

MACHone4060d ago

I love to see this game get ANY sort of recognition. I enjoyed about 100 times more than Twilight Princess.