Halo 3 - New Scans

Some new Halo 3 scans featuring level editor, new vehicles, maps and weapons.

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GRAMPAGAMER3809d ago (Edited 3809d ago )

MORE, MORE, MORE!!!! (not P. Moore, but More pics)

otherZinc3809d ago

Any HALO 3 news is great HALO 3 news, 9/25/07 the game of the year will be in my house with a series of days off for some action.

rubarb233809d ago

i will also be taking a couple of days off from work and sleep when this hits.

Salvadore3809d ago

The graphics looks so great, reminds me of clay.

JokesOnYou3809d ago

yeah Halo3 looks great but I hate "scans" cause they are always the worst pic quality.

San anto3809d ago

the jaggies everywher?!?!

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The story is too old to be commented.