Best Buy accused of Xbox 360 price gouging

Best Buy increased the price of several Xbox 360 accessories at $3 above the manufacturer suggested retail price raising suspicions that the retailer is hoping to make some extra money on increased sales expected from Halo 3.

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Excalibur4024d ago (Edited 4024d ago )

I stopped shopping at Best Buy.
Their staff sucks, their return policy sucks, their price matching sucks and their prices haven't been the greatest lately either.

I started going to Circuit City much more, in my opinion they have done a complete 180
BTW since the beginning of July they have a 10%off gaming discount card on all new games and accessories.

DrRage774024d ago

the only thing worthwhile about bestbuy is the replacement warranty that i will use to upgrade to an xbox360 elite once then put in the 65nm chipsets....thanks bestbuy, you get to eat some of the money you are trying to take from us!

LOFT3164024d ago

might as well throw the name best buy outta the window

ITR4024d ago

Thats why I shop at Target and Wal-Marts for stuff like this.

snoop_dizzle4024d ago

the best buy I go to is actually fairly good.

And the closest circuit city to me is like over an hour so its either that or walmart, and usually i choose best buy.

If i want cheaper stuff usually i just go to eb games.

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The story is too old to be commented.