Memo To Microsoft and Sony: Game Consoles Are For Playing Games

Roger Ehrenberg of SeekingAlpha submits: "Well, well, well. "Window to the living room.""If we build it they will come." These phrases and others like them are the stock in trade of my friends over at Microsoft (MSFT) and Sony (SNE).

Build a big, powerful, muscle-bound machine with a billion features and people will be willing to pay a premium price for all this added functionality beyond gaming. No, I said. People who buy gaming consoles want to play games. I've been writing about this for 10 months. Sure, online games are great. But HD-DVD, Blu-ray, etc., etc., etc., for $500, $600 bucks? I said "You're limiting your market and strictly catering to the hard-core gamer. No, Microsoft and Sony said. You don't get it. This is a long-term strategy. Our customers will get it.The problem is, according to a recent NPD survey, that they're not getting it. Not at all."

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ChefDejon3939d ago

a game system they label it as a Computer Entertainment System and thats what it is

jlytle12343939d ago

thats for tax purposes in europe. There is a huge tax on game consoles, so they prove that it can be used as a computer via linux and they dont have to pay the tax.

BubblesDAVERAGE3938d ago

Sony has never made a game system..look at the first plpaystion till this gen

apoc063938d ago (Edited 3938d ago )

the tax dodge story is actually incorrect. there are no more customs duty tax on game consoles, other than those which sony still has to pay/ pass on to the consumer.

the law that the ps2 tried to skirt was actually not awarded to sony in their favor. not only that, but since the ps2 launch days that law has been changed to render any further attempts to capitalize on it inert.

let me take another look, i have the links here someplace.

cant find any links, so feel free to take my words with a grain of salt.

heres one with the ps2 losing the case:
they lost the case, and the government changed the law to prevent them from trying again.

"Sony has been pursuing legal action for five years in attempts to have the machine classified as a "digital processing unit" and not a games console. Games machines attracted an EU import duty of 1.7 per cent in 2001, falling year by year to zero by 2004; but computers attracted no duty in that time."
"Since 2004 the issue has been irrelevant since neither classification of machine has attracted import duty since then."

best thing? they all have links to the official court proceedings. so... lets just drop the whole 'tax dodge' rumor since its incorrect. =)

Watkins3939d ago (Edited 3939d ago )

I rather have my PS3 as it is than just being able to play games on it. Isn't that pretty obvious? I can admit that a web browser didn't have to be included, but does a web browser really raise the price of the console? I think not, so why not include it? As with everything else in the box really. You don't HAVE to install Linux on it, but you CAN, and to open up possibilities that doesn't cost anything... Well, why not?

Really, what is he suggesting? THat we should be playing games on 8 Mb cartridges? Games advance, and so does the technology, even if it's too fast for the this dudes liking.

I was gonna buy a Hi-Def player anyway, and now I got one, for a lot less money. Ideal?

LOFT3163939d ago

"what a [email protected] name" can kiss my ASS someone please tell him its called moving with the times if i want a games console that just plays games i'd stick with the blip tennis console i bought 20 years ago or the wii! do you get it you freak time's have moved on there not just game console's anymore they are home entertainment systems

LOFT3163939d ago

you dont listen to your backstreet boys cd's or you fave harry potter dvd on your 360 oh well just stick to your games?

InMyOpinion3939d ago (Edited 3939d ago )

I've always used my 360 for gaming. Right now there are so many games and demos coming out that I don't know where to find enough time to play them all. Who is he talking to again? To me, it sounds like Roger is writing directly to Sony, but is afraid to sound biased and therefore sticks MS in there as well.

DrRage773939d ago

i kind of agree with you, he seems to "imply" that he is talking directly at sony since he only specifically mentions that people do not want to spend $500 or $600 for added fancies such as blu-ray and hd-dvd, but the ps3 is the only one that is at that mandatory price mandatory, i mean it has no option of not having blu-ray, so the price of $500 is mandatory to own a ps3. the 360's mandatory price is $279 and the wii's is $250.

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