CVG previews Turok - Deal death to dinos who make Jurassic Park look like Legoland

The last thing you'd expect from Disney is a gore-soaked action game about man-eating dinosaurs. Where are the cute talking animals, comedy sidekicks and a ballad-heavy soundtrack performed by Elton John? Surely one of the 'raptors should at least belt out a catchy song-and-dance number before ripping Turok's throat out.

Although the Turok games have a reputation for being no-brainers, this one's a little bit different.

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Maldread3934d ago

A fun dino game would be great. The Jurrassic Park game on PS1, was great fun, even though it was a third person adventure and a slight 2D game with 3D-elements.

Rhezin3934d ago

"Like Resistance, every weapons has a secondary fire"
Sony Fanboy much? Turok pretty much started secondary fire.