Fatal Inertia Demo Not Actually Coming To PS3 Tomorrow

Despite several blogs and sites confirming that there's a demo for Fatal Inertia due for PS3 tomorrow, this is not the case at all. There was clearly some confusion from the press release, but the official PR only mentions an Xbox 360 demo for FI, not a PS3 one. Confirmation from Koei that this is indeed the case at the link.

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Loudninja4058d ago

Now its a chance for a better demo this week

radzy4058d ago

I downloaded the xbox 360 demo about 2 weeks ago. believe me,your not missing out on anything at all.this game is a joke.

Anything but Cute4058d ago

that's exactly what I thought. It didn't make sense however. PS store updates thursdays.

Captain Tuttle4058d ago

With the PSN and the lack of demos? How many are available? 4?

Watkins4058d ago

Just out of my head, I could come up with 15.
The Darkness
Heavenly Sword
Resistance: Fall of Man
Ninja Gaiden Sigma.
Def Jam
Some Baseball game
Virtua Tennis
Formula 1
Riiiiiiiidge Racer!
Everybodies Golf

Might be one or two more.
Let's hope we get another demo this week!

Captain Tuttle4058d ago (Edited 4058d ago )

Thanks man. That's not too bad then.

Have a bubble.

Kleptic4058d ago (Edited 4058d ago )

NBA 07 or 06 or whatever too isn't it? as well as the best demo of them all...dynasty warriors: Gundam, which is one of the worst game/demos I have ever come across in my entire life...

but yeah the demo situation isn't too bad...but we do need a lot more...Lair and R&C are rumored to have demo's coming very soon...Lair was hopefully going to be this week, because it was rumored to launch right around the game (which was going to be tomorrow...then got september) so I don't know what is going to happen...

solidt124058d ago

Im not surprised. They never bring out anything on tuesdays only on thursday. I new it was misinformation. Either way the demo is on Xbox Live and I hear it sucks and not worth downloading.

pandabear4058d ago

I think they must have seen all the nagative press from x360 gamers who slated the demo and have decided to change their mind to save even more people slating it.

nofilter4058d ago

It was never meant to be out this week. It's just that the sites mentioned didn't read the press release properly.

tplarkin74058d ago

The game isn't coming out for a while on PS3 (if ever). There is no date for the PS3 version.

Speaking with GameSpot, a rep for Koei explained that the PS3 version of Fatal Inertia is on hold due to game-engine problems. "It's purely a middleware issue," the rep said, underlining the publisher's commitment to the PS3 platform. "We've always supported Sony and will continue to do so."


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