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Submitted by Shadowstorm 3470d ago | news

The Cheapskate's Guide to the Next-Gen

Kevin looks at the the next-gen consoles from the point of view of a person who can't afford to buy them all - People like himself. (Culture, PS3, Wii, Xbox 360)

Boink  +   3470d ago
he says the 360 is too big, but the ps3 is bigger, and heavier...
deepujatt2005  +   3470d ago
ps3 is smaller than 360
pbo2m3  +   3470d ago
Actually the PS3 is bigger than the 360. I can't remember the article but will try to find it and post the link. It's not much bigger but it's still bigger.
Silent  +   3470d ago
PS3 bulky beacause its a BEAST!!!
Hello its packs a lot of power and probably a large fan for better cooling so it has to be a little big. Xboxx60 is big because.....its just freakin big OK!!!
STICKzophrenic  +   3470d ago
This guy is a loser.
He doesn't know his f*cking elbow from his ass. His opinion becomes null and void the moment he states he doesn't have a job. Well no f*cking sh*t you don't want a console, your lazy ass doesn't even have a god damn job.

Why does that website even allow him to write articles when he's so f*cking worthless?
DJ  +   3470d ago
Yeah, i was surprised how big the 360 is. I mean they tried to hide the size by giving it the -swooosh!- inhale look, but really it just reminds me of a fat person sucking in their gut. And whadya know, the power brick was born.

The PS3's even bigger! (though, there's no sign of a power brick). Sony seems to have the attitude of "Yeah, it's fat but it's good looking, so shut it!" Can you imagine how big consoles are going to be within ten years?
Schmeltz  +   3470d ago
Wow! i didnt know these were portables!
Its not like their supposed to be portable. I have a 360 which sits perfectly on a shelf 99% of the time, and when I take it to my friends house, i'm capable of carrying 7.5 pounds. LOL

Its a damn console
Bhai  +   3470d ago
Among The Souls We Lost...
This guy is definitely among the lost souls, and clearly his mind frequency was picked up by that unofficial RPG site. This article is obviously the result of one of those sinister experiments our government has been under-taking. Poor soul..., I wonder what's happening with him in the underworld !
TheMART  +   3470d ago
Although the article and the poster are totally sh*t, he's right about one thing:

"while Sony hasn’t confirmed just how much these games will initially cost, they have made a point to say that they will be more expensive than before. $50 is already a little hard on my wallet as it is, but I can’t imagine $70 or $80 for a game once it comes out. I’ll be going to the used rack far more often if that’s the case."

The difference between 50 dollar/euro and 70 or 80 for every game will not be a good thing for any buyer. Not even if you have money to burn. You'll still feel ripped and see the same games for other formats cheaper. Imagine after 10 games that are the same on the other format, you still did spend 200 to 300 dollars more on it.

That sucks big time
achira  +   3470d ago
give me a link, where they say the games will be more expensive.
TheMART  +   3470d ago
It was even on this side you've read it also. Go search it up. They have said it. Use google. It's everywhere
THE TRUTH  +   3470d ago
PROVIDE THE LINK OR STFU MART, gamers are getting tired of your Bullshyt! This article is total crap and you STILL try and pull something "bad" about PS3 out of it! You must be a desperate fanboy to stoop to that level!

It's both sad and ugly and God don't like ugly!
TheMART  +   3470d ago
The Truth, stop whyning with posting your stupid articles, why do you think they're cancelled by the mods?

Actually you have read it also, it was on this site some weeks ago. I guess you can use google in one second, I am not going to do it for stupid fanboys that ask for the same link over and over again like Achira and you.

Everybody read it already and the two of you didn't? Strange.
THE TRUTH  +   3470d ago
just give us an offical article and stop tip-toeing around the fact that your statment is false. Nothing about what you said is offical if it was then just prove it STFU!

I want an offical link to prove $70 or $80 PS3 games! or just STFU about it altoegther
wakkiwakko  +   3470d ago

"Hirai continued his answer by saying, “I don't think consumers expect software pricing to suddenly double. So, the quick answer is that we want to make it as affordable as possible, knowing that there is a set consumer expectation for what software has cost for the past twelve years. That's kind of the best answer I can give you. So, if it becomes a bit higher than $59, don't ding me, but, again, I don't expect it to be $100.”"

I hope you've got a big wallet to buy your ps3 games. :D

Then again, if your parents can afford a ps3 you won’t have any trouble puppy facing your way into getting some next gen titles to go with it. 1grand will be easily spent on ps3 with a couple games this year. I’ll wait till ps4 is announced and the price of ps3 drops. :D

Yo’ ‘rents must luv yah!
THE TRUTH  +   3470d ago
So, if it becomes a bit higher than $59, don't ding me

key word "might" so you don't know the prices it's just rumors/speculation so stop all the high prices talk please
wakkiwakko  +   3469d ago
They use the word might so that you, the consumer, won't run for the hills. If they used the term “will”, you’d be defending them that they have the right to up the price because of the hardware and new-format specifications.

Give me a break!

Either way the prices for the titles will be… unusually large to say the least.

Just stop defending a money hungry cow. PSP is failing. UMD has already failed. PS3 isn’t doing well in the media. BLUray isn’t doing well in the media.

Sony is losing billions of dollars releasing the PS3.

It may be the best console out there… but it’s not doing so fresh on the tomatometer.
THE TRUTH  +   3470d ago
Sorry about being off topic but here's some good reads about the future of gaming. I tried to post it in both PS3 and 360 sides but the mods screwed it up. enjoy!!

Ray tracing soon to go real-time for 3D rendering:

Heres one paper about raytracing on cell, it used single SPE to do all necessary calculations.
TheMART  +   3470d ago
The today poll of

"Epic announced that Gears of War will be released on November 12, five days before the PS3 launches. What will you be doing the week of November 12th?"

Playing Gears of War until my eyes bleed. (28%) 10,125
Waiting in line to purchase a PlayStation 3. (16%) 5,979
One word: Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii i! (34%) 12,397
I'll be saving my hard-earned cash, suckas! (21%) 7,620

It seems like more people in November will be buying a Wii and/or playing Gears of War, even more will save their money then buy a PSZero. Ain't that funny
THE TRUTH  +   3470d ago
its funny that your dumb enough to believe in polls (especially ones that let you post more than once) and use them as a viable source to support your beliefs. Get a life Mart or buy one from M$, No one will bash or attack you if you come out with your own opinions man. Just tell us how you feel about PS3 360 or wii stop believing everyone that says anything bad about PS3 and come to a conclusion with your own mind.
THELANDSOFSAND  +   3470d ago
its funny how sony fans get so annoyed by polls of opinion!
wakkiwakko  +   3470d ago
Not when these polls are in favor of Sony. :D Otherwise they’re discredited because something or other is wrong with them. Like… they could be actually true. :o
Eternal E 808  +   3469d ago
the truth
in the gamespot polls you cant vote more than once.FACT!
wakkiwakko  +   3469d ago
So what you're saying is that xbox has more fans that are devoted into having xbox as the number 1 console out there, while playstation has lazy fans that don't even bother voting?

So what that you can vote more than once? Xbox got more votes than Playstation. And it doesn't matter who cheated and who didn't. It should only matter that even so that cheating is allowed... xbox still won.

That just shows you the pure determination of Sony fanboys. :D
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specialguest  +   3470d ago
you know what's kinda funny. the infamous SSJ is also a member of that site and people bash on him for being a hardcore fanboy there too. ahahhaha. read their comments. SSJ is comment #10.
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atomheart  +   3470d ago
guys, get a life.
why can't we enjoy all the consoles?
Master of Menace  +   3470d ago
Yes, get a life!
Enjoy your 360's. When I get my PS3 I really doubt I'll have the time to write crappy articles. I'll be enjoying my PS3 too much.
OutLaw  +   3470d ago
I agree
Not everything that is posted here should be debated. Just enjoy what both systems could provide.
wakkiwakko  +   3470d ago
So, your whole purpose in life, Master of Menace, is to play video games? Wait... not just video games... playstation 3 titles.

Good for you.

How’s that life-size Chewbacca statue handling the heat this summer? It’s very hot outside.
THELANDSOFSAND  +   3470d ago
360 is not big. and i can carry it easily...

PS3 is a fricking fridge!
wakkiwakko  +   3470d ago
Well at least it won't overheat like some Xboxes :D
Killswitch  +   3470d ago
Look why debate. We all will be having a great system this year in our homes. From a PS3, Xbox 360, to a Nintendo Wii. Hey they all have a great line up of games with them. Hell if my friend has a PS3 I’ll be over his house to play him in Madden 07, And if my other friend have a Xbox 360 I'll be over there to play him in Madden 07, And if I have the Wii I know they'll be over my house to play me in Madden07. “SO STOP B!TCHING”! One thing we all do know this year really no system sucks. And someone on every one of our blocks will have one of those systems. So let’s debate who can play the best on the system.
Bill Gates  +   3470d ago
Microsoft, Nintendo sued over games controller
This site is a joke!!

Real news gets ignored and fake rumors are posted.

I submited this news last week and it was ignored, but yet they post sh!t like this. What a shame.

Here's the news.

A CASE started in a Texas district court a few days back alleging that Nintendo and Microsoft had breached a game controller patent. Or two. Or more.
Anascape Ltd, a firm based in Texas, alleges that Nintendo and Microsoft breached patent number 5,999,084, called "Variable Conductance Sensor" and issued to Brad Armstrong in 1999.

The firms are also alleged to have breached patents 6,102,802 - "Game Controller with Analog Pressure Sensor", and 6,135,886, "Variable Conductance Sensor with Elastomeric Dome Cap" as well as 6,208,271 "Remote Controller with Analog Button".

No, we're not finished yet. Anascape alleges 6,222,525 "Image Controller with Sheet Connected Sensors" was also breached, as well as 6,343, 991 "Game Control with Analog Pressure Sensor" and 6,344,791 "Variable Sensor with Tactile Feedback".

As well as 6,347,997 "Analog Controls Housed with Electronic Displays", 6,351,205 "Variable Conductance Sensor" (a different one) and 6,400, 303 "Remote Controller with Analog Pressure Sensor" (a different one).

Then there's 6,563,415 "Analog Sensor with Snap Through Tactile Feedback". And lastly, but not leastly, there is 6,906,700 "3D Controller with Vibration".

If you've got this far you won't be surprised to learn that Anascape Ltd wants a court to rule Nintendo and Microsoft owe it a lot of money.

Here's the link.
ironwolf  +   3470d ago
As I commented on your original post....
These are bogus claims made by a patent squater. The case will be thrown out after discovery.

The oldest patent the plantiff holds dates to 1999: whereas the technologies he has patented (due to incompetence at the patent office, something the courts have recognised as rampent) have been in general use for many years. In fact at least one of them has been in world wide use for nearly 50 years.
Bill Gates  +   3470d ago
My point is that this is actual news that gamers might want to know as oppose to sh!ty rumors. Also the news never got posted, instead it was scraped and replaced with rumors so that fanboys can go nuts.
ironwolf  +   3469d ago
It was posted in Industry News..
Acouple of days ago by Shadowstorm.
Bill Gates  +   3470d ago
granted a lot of that stuff will be tossed out, but never the less, it's real industry news that affects gamers (not fanboys), and not fake gossip sh!t.
Apocalypse Shadow  +   3470d ago
each system's games
are going to be expensive.i say between $40 and $80.some games will be lower priced and some will be collectors editions.want proof?look at 360 game will be about the money,buy games and have fun.
Eternal E 808  +   3469d ago
what do you mean when you say "it will be about the same" as what?wtf will be the same,all i know is that 360 games dont cost $80.
#16.1 (Edited 3469d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
THE TRUTH  +   3469d ago
"all i know is that 360 games dont cost $80."

but you don't know PS3 games will cost $80
Eternal E 808  +   3469d ago
the truth
why did you say this "but you don't know PS3 games will cost $80" because i didnt say i knew for a fact that PS3 games will cost $80 i didnt even mention PS3 in my post or refer to it?
urbanguy06  +   3469d ago
I agree w/gates on this one! There is alot of hype going around on PS3, but very little fact(ie games costing $80) If I was to beleive the "news", "360" would be ruling the world while Sony would be bankrupt. The facts are 360 is only a success in the states, with modest sales in europe, and you know what happened in asia! So to those beleiving the hype, do a little searching of your own for the truth!
THE TRUTH  +   3469d ago
I agree
and I also want to point out one factor that could come to pass. GOW looks to me like it would recieve a "M" rating which "could" prove to be bad for the christmas season as far as parents buying consoles for their kids. "If" the game has a "M" rating would parents be willing to buy a 360 and this game for thier kids? The games gore might shy parents away from buying their kids this game (even though I know this game will have huge sales considering the massive hype surrounding it.)

Not bashing anything but it's just a different view for gamers to think about........
wakkiwakko  +   3469d ago
Where the hell are you from? Might shy away parents from buying a game for their kids? Christ… I see tykes playing grand theft auto. I see toddlers kicking ass in Call of Duty.

Might… hah… the parents that ‘might’ be shun away are the kind of parents that buy novelty books for their kids. Those sesame streets books with collectable figurines. They aren’t going to buy their child a console. Not even a game for the console.

You’re just looking for every little thing that might give the PS3 a heads up? Hah.

I love how there’s very little support for the PS3 right now. How the PS3 hype is on a life support. It’s just fantastic. And Sony fanboys are just furious at how well Microshaft is doing. Sure Ninjendo might be good at sucking, but it’s not losing the media battle. Neither is Microshaft. Only Sony is far behind. It’s lovely.

As for the price… it’s yet to be determined. I can just ask you how come… how come… UMD disks which have very low quality. Don’t how more than just the movie. Cost as much or even more so as a normal DVD with loads of special features, that looks just as well on any LARGE SCREEN tv?

New formats are expensive, people! HDdvds and BLUray are not going to be some cheap CD’s you can buy at the flea market. Production for them is expensive-ish. Game development for them is expensive-ish.

Games may not cost 80$ but what ever the price will be, high or low, I’m sure ps3 fanboys will find a way to support Phony. (I don’t like the Fony thing… it’s better, yeah, but I’m not sure some of the fanboys here get the message.)
THE TRUTH  +   3469d ago
I wasnt being a fanboy just given another perspective. what's wrong with that? I'm not looking for any little advantage for either side, I'm not making any money off this console war I only post my opinions.

What I said wasn't a crazy rant or bash I was just putting the thought out there.

"Christ… I see tykes playing grand theft auto. I see toddlers kicking ass in Call of Duty."

Such statements like these are what you should be attacking. "IF" (and that's a HUGE IF) that is the truth then I would have to say these parents are sad plain and simple!
ChickeyCantor  +   3469d ago
you think ppl will buy games?
they just find a way to download some games to the harddisk...
wakkiwakko  +   3469d ago
THE TRUTH, you were looking for a way to give leeway to the playstation 3 lunches. Maybe it wasn't your intention, but that is what it was. You want the game lunch to be an abysmal failure. So PS3 comes out on top and you can sleep better knowing you’ve picked the better product. Right?

Sidar, depends what you’re talking about. If you’re talking about chipping your console then if that is a case, that community is VERY small and it hardly affects the sales. If you’re talking about uploading legit games onto the HD and booting them from it, that’s cool, but that brand of people is also very tiny in numbers. They still have to get their hands on a retail copy. And someone had to pay for it.

Yes, people still buy games. :D You may not, your friends may not… but that way of thinking is only limited to the small circle that’s composed off no more than 9% of the worldly population. In which this could be no more than 35% of the entire internet community.

Though the internet community is “rapidly” growing with more and more people getting online, these wondrous treasures are yet to be discovered.

Ps. Just because you do it, and your friends do it, doesn't mean everyone else does it. :D
ChickeyCantor  +   3469d ago
i wasnt talking about my self i was talking about those who are complaining about the price tag, but the thing is they just download it.
and if you read my comment under this one you can see im more a nintendo dude then a PS3 fan :P if the prices are high then, HA HA HA and HA
#17.6 (Edited 3469d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
ChickeyCantor  +   3469d ago
sony failed many times....
although the fact that sony failed many times, im not sure IF sony will be failing with the PS3...i dont think it will be the best console..( i mean can you sniff the 600 buks?).

but like others are saying :Wii60 en Wiistation ( or what ever you fanboys call it)
if consumers will be buying not only a Xbox-cirkel or a playstation33781279 they ( not all) also buy a Wii.

so if you count how many ppl are going to buy a xbox360 or a ps3 plus a Wii then Wii will be a succes cozz plus the facts that Wii fans (trusty nintendo fans) plus housewives want the wii 2 it will be selling like candy from willy wonka's choclate factory!

Wii may be Weak and the Ps3 powerfull, doesnt mean that the Wii cant be a succes. all that nonsense about how great the Ps3 is, it wont be all that that i would buy a Ps3.

and ofcourse Wii will be a succes now the great games like Supersmash is finaly going online! so i do agree with him on that!.
in this house we are still playing SSBM and evry day we are saying !!!! why isnt this game going online!
and let me tell you a PS3 cant compete to SSB with online functions.( my opinion so im not stating a fact)
#18 (Edited 3469d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
timmyp53  +   3468d ago
The ps3 and xbox are big but if you think about it all future consoles will get bigger. They might even look bigger than my computer tower next to me right here. The games for PS3 should cost around 60 with tax saying you bought it at popular retailer and not from a shopping catalogue like Fingerhut. As for the guy asking if people will even buy games thats ridiculous/ There has been piracy on all systems including the xbox. I just doubt that will affect anything.
timmyp53  +   3468d ago
one more thing
stop dissing the man in the article

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