Eternal Sonata previewed by Eurogamer

Eternal Sonata - called Trusty Bell in Japan, for reasons best known to Namco Bandai's Japanese development team - takes a rather unusual approach to RPG storytelling. The game is ostensibly the tale of the last few hours in the life of celebrated composer Frederic Chopin. The Polish composer died in 1849 from tuberculosis, at the age of 39; Eternal Sonata's key conceit is that in his final hours, as he slipped into a coma, he entered a dream world of his own creation.

It's within this world that the entire game takes place. Eternal Sonata's universe is appropriately dream-like as a result, sporting an attractively flat-shaded look filled with soft focus, pastel colours and delicately glowing light. The short demo US audiences have seen (which is almost identical to the demo Eurogamer played at the Tokyo Games Show last September, albeit with US voice actors) is set in two key locations.

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DrRage774057d ago

i finally played the demo of this game last night, having little expectations for it, and i was really surprised how much i liked the game. it felt similar to the way Final Fantasy VII was when i first played it, so now i am really looking forward to getting this game. if the 360 starts pumping out similar games like this in the future, then i will be one happy gamer...not many people like traditions RPG's, so this one is a bit different, but stull an RPG at heart

SuperSaiyan44057d ago

And they just keep coming ;-)


PS360WII4057d ago

I don't know. While it looks awesome I was turned off by the battle system. At first I was all about it seeing that it was close to Dragon Quarter (which I must of beat 10 times now) but the selection of moves or lack of was not what I was expecting. It's more of an action game than RPG. The time system rather than AP I guess is what threw me off. I was still able to walk thru the demo impressed but I'm glad I played the demo first for this isn't going in my collection sadly. If they followed Dragon Quarter a little bit more on the batlle system I would be happier. The menu was nice but what's up with not being able to use your magic outside of battle? (unless I didn't figure it out which is possible)