CVG previews Lost Odyssey

After years when just releasing an RPG on Xbox was enough to see the devoted genre fans promise to cleave the pointy ears off their first born with a rubber halberd just for a glimpse of a random battle, now - suddenly - there's some competition. And judging by their E3 performances it could be Lost Odyssey that loses out.

While the in-game graphics slap your optic nerve like a discount dominatrix, CVG's latest look at the second child of Sakaguchi's seasoned loins didn't reduce anyone to pools of geek-goo.

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SuperSaiyan44055d ago

This game is going to be immense! Well I am on the hype for this one lets hope it doesnt dissappoint!

Bioshock next Friday
Blue Dragon next Friday
Two Worlds 31st August (if no delay)
HALO 3 September
PGR4 October
Mass Effect November
Lost Odyssey December

Every month has a AAA title (apart from Two Worlds doubt thats a AAA but oh well).


InMyOpinion4055d ago

That preview did not sound too good =(

I'm more interested in Mass Effect, but I will be deeply dissapointed if Lost Odyssey is'nt all it set out to be.

ParaDise_LosT4055d ago

Lost Odyssey the most anticipated game in my list
^^ I seriously can't wait for this game..
I'll gladly trade halo 3 to get this game!
Lost Odyssey ftw ^^

bootsielon4055d ago

And it appears that Lost Odyssey will have the same fate.

Perhaps it means Sakaguchi has aged and should retire. Let Nomura handle the fantasies, please.