2K apologies for lack of BioShock PC demo

2k Games have updated the official BioShock website with a promise that they'll get the PC demo out before August 21st (BioShock release date in the US). Fans of the PC version were left disappointed when an Xbox 360 demo had been released and were then told that a PC demo would be coming at a later date.

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sak5003990d ago (Edited 3990d ago )

LOL. Not only PC gamers get shafted but the poor pS3 owners who were saying they'll play it on their pcs. Talk about bad luck for the delays for ps3 owners.

EDIT: FYI i have a Dual core E6600 overclocked to 3.4Ghz, 2gb dual channel 800mhz ram, 450Gb of drives and 7950 1GB single SLI card. Now idiots how about that?

Bolts3990d ago

How are PC owners getting shafted? Because they don't get to play a demo before the Xbots? LOL!! Speaking of shafted, how do you like paying $10 for all those map packs while the PC owners will be downloading a zillion maps and great mods for free?

Marona3990d ago (Edited 3990d ago )

PC owners have been waiting for this game way before it was even announced for Xbox 360. So yeah it is unfair. I don't agree with sak5000, but 2k just did stabbed the PC owners.

Korosuke3990d ago


Yes, close to the releaseing date, Xbox users are heated suddenly.
But I think many PC users have been looking forward to this title much longer than such guys

Bnet3433990d ago

Xbots have computers too... so wouldn't that make them PC owners who can download free maps and mods? It doesn't take a super kick ass computer to run Half-Life 2, anyone with a decent PC can be a PC gamer.

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BIadestarX3990d ago

Didnt you get the memo? Microsoft exclusive games are prioritized the following way:

1) XBox 360
2) PC

By the way... the only reason why you see this games on the PC is because Microsoft makes royalties and on OS sells. But since Microsoft PC installbase is a given... Yes, lots of Sony fanboys will not buy a PS3 because they don't Microsoft to get their money.. but then they go and buy the Game on the PC.... lol. ohh wow that really hurts Microsoft... lol. That's like saying, "I don't support slavery or communist countries" and they buying stuff from wallmart.

Bnet3433990d ago

I was listening to the Major Nelson podcast with Ken Levine, he said they had a deal with Microsoft about Bioshock. It's Microsoft exclusive so it's only for Games for Windows and Xbox 360, no PS3.

socomnick3990d ago

kigmal if what you say its true its a shame for ps3 owners kinda wished they got to play this it deserved to be played by everyone. O well cant wait for the 21st that badboys gonna be played.