Call Of Duty 4: New Beta Gameplay Video

New beta gameplay video taken from the Infinity Ward event held in Los Angeles last week.

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Mike Ox Big3992d ago

Is it just me or was that guy running really fast?, even when he wasn't sprinting. I hope it was just that the playback speed on that video was accelerated. Because they were definitely moving faster than in COD2, and those guys didn't even have 80 pounds worth of gear on.

BlackTigea3992d ago

the sound was not good, probably the camera and the backround noise. yeah your right ^^. Running speed was crazy, wait is int that conditioning perk that makes you run faster ? correct if I'm wrong. Most likely the perks doing.

DG3992d ago

even with the perks that was a little excessive.

THX71683992d ago

After watching some of the "Perk" videos I also thought the character moved way too fast. Then I went back to play CoD 2 (I've been playing Shadowrun for a while) and the speed felt the same way as in the videos.

It all depends on how you play it. Some people don't frantically rush around trying to find their next victim and some do. When I play I move around a lot and I never really stay in one place. Just go back to play CoD 2 and play in that way and you will see that there isn't really a speed difference (other than when the character uses "sprint").