The 30 Defining Moments in Gaming

From consoles to game genres, from lawsuits to graphics, these are the 30 big moments that define the videogame industry, from 1977 to the present day...

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Captain Tuttle3774d ago

Not sure I agree with them about the importance of "Guitar Hero" though.

MK_Red3774d ago

Terrible article, they totally forgot about like The birth violence in gaming: Mortal Kombat. Saga of the arcades and more.

syko883774d ago

They didn't totally forget about mortal combat, they mentioned it briefly for being part of the reason the ESRB was formed; it's in the very first sentence. Granted that little blurb about MK doesn't do it justice.

MyNutsYourChin3774d ago

That was an awesome read! I think whoever submitted this deserves a bubble or two and a CR increase.