IGN Jeanne D'Arc Review: "Must Have Strategy RPG" - 9.0

When it comes to French history, one of the largest legends for the country revolves around the tale of Joan of Arc. A young girl who believed she heard the voice of God, she managed to unite the country and eventually toss the invading English forces out of the country. But not many people know that she was aided with the help of mystical armlets, or that the English used hordes of monsters to subjugate the French countryside. At least, you wouldn't know it unless you played Jeanne d'Arc, Level-5 and Sony Computer Entertainment's alternate take on the classic tale, which is one of the best tactical strategy RPGs released on a handheld in recent history.

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Bigmac5734055d ago

Im so happy this game did well, I was anticipating the hell out of it.

BIadestarX4055d ago

heck yeah! I am buying tomorrow!

Gamespot-equals-EGM4055d ago

The game is coming out this week? When? Ign says the game is coming out on the 21st (about a week for today).

But nonetheless, its great to see a 'darkhorse' PSP title getting some attention.

Barreldragon004055d ago

Nice. This stuff (RPG's) are just what will make me buy a PSP.

gEnKiE4055d ago

I cant wait for more rpgs to come out for the psp. Im defintely picking one up when the new version comes available and this game is going to be the one to get with it. :)

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The story is too old to be commented.