"Encroachment Defense" - Madden 08 Bug?

Madden 08 gamers may need to get used to hearing this...

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MikeJonesOK4024d ago

well thats EA for u...cant wait for 2k8 to go down in price

360Sheep4024d ago

my favorite bug was the minature linemen in the 06 psp version... gotta love em quality developers

Dlacy13g4024d ago

This is not even close to being a verified bug at all. I just played Madden and tried numerous times to get Seattle to jump and they didnt bite so it could just be a combination of a "star" QB and a team that has less talented offensive linemen, etc.

...and for the record..2k8 football blew! I was VERY disappointed in their return effort. I expected MUCH more. Visually its a complete let down and game play is not nearly as smooth as Madden. The passing mechanic also felt overly sluggish. Madden definitely takes home the trophey on this years game.

Nostradavis4024d ago

ok fan boy. The gameplay is better than Madden. Visually it is rough around the edges but if you watch a sim of APF it looks like real football...try doing that with Madden. Madden is good in its own right and it is a deeper game (as it should be) but in terms of gameplay, APF is better.

Dlacy13g4024d ago

Why don't you dial back your fanboy commentary chief! I personally didnt' care for the 2k8 offering for football...gameplay wise and/or graphically, etc. I did pick up Madden 08, and am more than happy with it. How does that make me a fanboy in your eyes?

Would it help you to know that I used to buy all the NFL 2k games up until their last one? And that I didn't buy Madden 07, and I couldn't stand Madden 06 and felt it was a rushed poor attempt at a football game on next gen? Does that make me more or less of a fanboy to you?

How about this... I was very happy to see 2k8 get released...but I felt they short armed the game. Gameplay wise it just didn't feel right to me, and graphically and depth of game it came up very short! They could have done a lot better imo. I usually get 2k 2k hockey ...and I wanted to like 2k8 just didnt live up to the hype of a premiere football game.

Madden 08 is just a superior game to 2k8 AFP...its just a fact...maybe next year..and I will give both a chance...but this year the crown still resides with EA.

SacT0wnF1n3st4024d ago

I'm playing it as we speak and I don't experience this bug. I even try to fake pitch to make them offside but sometimes it works and more than not it doesn't so....

Balance4024d ago

i will know tonight but 07 did this quite a bit if pressed the DBs.

yeah 2k8 sucked big time. very dissapointed.

Funky Town_TX4024d ago

It was an okay game. The passing sucked. The ball stayed in the air for like 10 seconds even on short passed. Over the middle passed were very bad. After 2 years 2k should have blew Madden out of the water.

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