Storage on Xbox 360: MMOs Allowed To Require Hard Drive

In an unsurprising move (and already a precedent set by Final Fantasy XI, but ignored since), Microsoft confirmed at its Gamefest 2007 that studios working on server-based titles for Xbox 360 are allowed to require the hard drive for their games to run. Games allowed to participate in server-based's "bent rules" is decided on a case-by-case basis.

Microsoft will be asking developers to come up with a set amount of hard drive space to set aside for each game. For example, if World of Warcraft came to Xbox 360, Blizzard would have to tell Microsoft "the game's going to need 4GB of space," even if the game won't necessary install 4GB of content at the start.

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Fisher3393631d ago (Edited 3631d ago )

makes since that they should

but it kinda giving the core ppl the shaft though

Omegasyde3631d ago

even if you have a core, you can still upgrade your system...

Now if you could only play through HDMI cables, that would be giving people the shaft...and the tip, with a taste of from-unda cheese.

gta_cb3631d ago

i think that any hardcore gamer that has brought a core system is stupid, they shold know about downloadable content, as for the premium which i own, i will prob either upgrade my HDD or trade in my premium for an Elite so i will deff have the space for all the games which require HDD space in the future.

power of Green 3631d ago

Just anti MS fud people know what they're buying when they buy it they'll ask why one 360 cost more than others.

Not really something 360 ownres care about they already spend cash the Sony fanboys are more concerned.

I don't think core owners worry about MMo's due to the fact they're told not to buy them if planning to play online. These are the things the shop employee's ask from concern but mostly tring to sell the more exspensive models this goes for even store workers.

Just more anti MS posts by a fanatic very good at fooling people in thinking he has no agenda.

Bill Gates3631d ago (Edited 3631d ago )

I repeat Micro$HAFT, with emphasis on the SHAFT.

Now that's what I call shafting it deep into the Core....AAAHAHAHAHHAA

power of Green 3631d ago (Edited 3631d ago )

Go play your DVD player.

Comming in here talking about being shafted what happend to PS3 reaching for the sun(not a practical place to visit) or PS3 launch games will be untouchable for the 360 its whole life.

"An EA developer has called in to let us know that he believes the Xbox 360 will triumph over the PS3 due to its better performance and more rounded support. These claims come on the revelation that development of Army of Two on the Xbox 360 manages to yield a maximum of 60fps while the PS3 version struggles to reach 30fps".

PS3 and its dull colors and when it doesn't have the mud duck art style the colors are pale and non vibrant with piss poor lighting, pasted on textures and poor shadowing and bump mapping, PS3 can't even remember its name.

Shaft: clearance of the 60 giger only to go back to $600 consoles.

bYkICr3631d ago (Edited 3631d ago )

Sound to me like the dev is on the lazy side. You are always better with something your are good at. If you good at writing code for the 360 than the PS3 then you can always make 360 games better than PS3 because you write better code for 360. It does not mean that the 360 is a better machine than the PS3. So stop believe what poeple say and use your brain to make wise conclusion instead. Can you do that?

cookiemonster3631d ago

let's be honest here. if you're getting an MMO, the chances are you're nerdy enough to know you should have a premium.

deadpreacher3631d ago

I thought of the same thing!

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The story is too old to be commented.