Nintendo Handhelds: Ever Evolving, or Highway Robbery?

It seems as if Nintendo handhleds always get a redesign before their successor arrives, and people STILL fall for Nintendo's trick of buying that redesigned version. This has lately been seen with the original Nintendo DS ---> Nintendo DS Lite. Read on for a brief histroy lesson of Nintendo's handhelds...

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StrboyM3844d ago

both! seventy different versions..30 different colors.....but still good gaming

MK_Red3844d ago

I'm more with Highway Robbery. They released DS Lite a short time (in console life) after original's debut and added enough changes to force previous DS Fat owners into buying new Lite ones.

Fighter3844d ago

Nintendo is all about making something cheap and easy and selling it for more. Wii any one?

I think their handhelds are evolving but with all those versions of the gameboy as well as the two DS versions (with a third probably on the horizon) that would definitely fit under the 'highway robbery' category.

Consumers need to smarten up and stop making Nintendo so rich because they are not giving back as much as they're taking in.

anonymousAJA3844d ago

When the media stops playing to Nintendo's hype game, is when the cycle ends. Seriously though Nintendo fans are the most uninformed gamers around.

djt233844d ago

when the cycle ends. gaming end too and we have to wait again until nintendo brought back gaming or any other company than sony

Salvadore3844d ago

With the DS Lite, they "forced" previous Phat owners to buy the new one and what upset most consumers was releasing it 1 year after.

cooke153840d ago

How was anyone forced into buying a lite?