Sony Blog: 360 Reliability Issues & Recent PS3 Stress Test

Karraker had this to say:

"A lot of noise has been made recently about the reliability issues of one of our competitor's systems. So, not surprisingly, some of our more ambitious PlayStation faithfuls decided to run their own stress test on the PlayStation 3".

He also refers to the PS3 being an energizer bunny.

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the worst4023d ago

thats like comparing
paper = 360
solid steel = ps3

Gamespot-equals-EGM4023d ago (Edited 4023d ago )

Anybody see the 'smashmyps3'? The guy had a sledgehammer and he was still having a hard time breaking the ps3. Classic stuff.

But once the many games (good, bad and medocre) start flowing for the ps3, things will start to go more in the ps3's direction.

Ri0tSquad4023d ago

I have an old playstation 1 from 1995 thats covered with sooo much dust and its so beat up but it still plays games easssy. And that playstaion 2 slim is just awesome that system took a beating and it still works.

InMyOpinion4023d ago

Check it.

So now only certain news gets approved. Forum posts, blogs etc. but not legit reviews that follow the guidelines?

Nice going N4G!

KingME4023d ago

I checked out your review and I agree with you 100%, there is nothing in your article what should have caused it NOT to be approved, especially with all the other crap that does get approved on this site. IMO you are simply a victim of PS3 censorship by PS3 fanboys on this site that didn't want this type of information released.

Instead of considering other possible buyers of this product, the only thought about their own selfish fanboy beliefs. Damn, this fanboy stuff is starting to feel like a cult, some of these guys are in WAY TOO DEEP. I honestly think they would assault each other if the opportunity presented itself.

Bottom line: Your article SHOULD have been approved.

N4G here is an early indicator, you may want to fix this problem now before articles start getting "majority rules" right around here.

ReBurn4023d ago

Actually, the PS3 is the first Sony console that's built great. Both the PS1 and PS2 had lousy media drives when they were launched. I had to turn my PS1 upside down to play games until the thing just stopped working. Forget games with FMV. The PS2 had so many drive problems that Sony was sued over them.

The PS3 certainly feels solid. Too bad it took 3 generations of consoles to get it there.

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Clinton5144023d ago

It's pretty much linking back to the same stress test. This will only upset some already agitated children.

ArduousAndy4023d ago

that i have with the stress test is that there is no proof of this being done.

I can easily write saying that I did the same thing with my brothers PS3 yet that one failed.

Its not like that video of the Gamecube being dragged down a street and ends up still being playable.

Fisher3394023d ago (Edited 4023d ago )


Hatchetforce4023d ago

Yes it did need posting. I conducted my own stress test. It's called 'My launch 360 died, my refurb was DOA, and 6 weeks later I don't have a replacement'. The stress test is to see how much stress MS can put me under.

This needs to be posted as it's just another example of value for your buck.

Omegasyde4023d ago

ARMZ | August 13th, 2007 at 10:49 pm (from the blog)

So when the other side installs their 65nm chips does that mean that beta testing is over?

The other side should be commended, they have arguably taken part in one of the largest BETA tests known to mankind!

It only took 2 years, 11 million units, and an extra billion to “get it right”

Lmao. Not playing fanboy, but what a funny comment. You have to admit being a beginning 360 owner, it did feel like a beta test.

KingME4023d ago

It didn't need to be posted, there is nothing out there to indicate that the PS3 needs to be stress tested to prove it's reliability. This was release by sony and posted here simply for bragging rights.


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Odion4023d ago

Ehh I am not phased, this shows a lack of professionalism on Sony's part, and kinda sad that they actually posted this from a site that has no proof

Clinton5144023d ago (Edited 4023d ago )

Are you an employee of Microsoft's game division? Why would a BLOG bother you?

s8anicslayer4023d ago

because he is a flame just like i pointed out before he just likes to flame but he can't take the heat!

Hatchetforce4023d ago

Proof? How about the failure rate of 360's And don't act like it doesn't exist. Right now I am running at 100% failure rate on 360s and 0% on my PS3.

Omicronn4023d ago

Its a bit out of character for them, but
so was Moores Fake GTA IV wash off tattoo
The "Wii60" under the table promotion

Trying to think of nintendos over the top moves, but they are pretty much just sitting back and:

Vertius4023d ago

"Lack of Professionalism?"

Have you seen any of Microsoft's comments? Sony had the grace not to mention the 360's name, Microsoft does no such thing for the PS3, openly bashing it at every opportunity.

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DrPirate4023d ago

Immature. They shouldn't of done this...


This was a cheap move on Sony's part especially considering (By what I hear because my PSX and PS2 worked from launch) that their PS2 was quite faulty as well.

Expy4023d ago

It's a blog, since when have blogs been professional?

the greatest4023d ago

no lag on the ps3 lags like hell 360

Lord Anubis4023d ago

both people you mention have taken a bit of Sony, its no reason for sony to do the same but the PS3 It Is a reliable system.

DrPirate4023d ago

Why the hell would some of you preach Sony to me? I'm one of the most outspoken realistic PS3 supporters on this site. What are you going to do, eat your own? Jeez, it was just an opinion, I thought the blog post from someone so high up was immature and unnecessary.

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toughNAME4023d ago

wow thats pretty lame taking shots at MS like that

i dont remember MS taking shots at anyone when Sony used MS's games to advertise their own games...and of course the complete lack of quality of PS3 games in comparison to 360 games

Expy4023d ago

They didn't mention Microsoft, but the problem is so widespread that everyone knows about it, and that is not Sony's fault, not one bit.

s8anicslayer4023d ago

stop comparing games lets debate who has quality games by the end of the year, the 360 has been out for almost two years